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We do more to protect your credit and your good name.

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LifeLock® identity theft protection is a proactive defense system that helps keep your personal information safe. Learn more

LifeLock® Ultimate

LifeLock Ultimate protection is our most advanced line of defense against identity theft.Learn more

LifeLock® Junior

LifeLock Junior helps safeguard your child's Social Security number and good name.Learn more

LifeLock's monitoring services relentlessly protect your credit and personal information from identity theft and fraud, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our services offer proactive identity theft protection and credit monitoring using innovative technologies that power not only LifeLock, but also the world's most sophisticated surveillance solutions - similar to the technology employed by government intelligence agencies and blue-chip corporations.

More than just a credit and identity theft monitoring service, LifeLock dives deep to discover the schemes today's thieves are using to steal personal information, from old-school collection techniques to sophisticated technologies. We continuously monitor vulnerable information for threats, alert you when we determine a risk, and work to help educate law enforcement to combat this growing trend. We also offer LifeLock Command Center™ service, an additional Identity Theft Protection plan.

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