5 Million Gmail Passwords Hacked

It may be time to change your password if you're a Gmail user, or better yet, sign up for the 2-step authentication service to better protect your email account.

It appears hackers have dumped nearly 5 million Gmail usernames and passwords to a Russian bitcoin forum, according to International Business Times.

And refrain from entering your username and password on a website that promises to tell you whether your Gmail account has been compromised. 

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Cybercriminals frequently use this kind of method, known as a “honeypot,” to steal even more identities, according to IBT. "A number of sites have already appeared to distribute phishing messages under the guise of offering help."

Users can rest easier, though, if they simply change their password and turn on two-factor authentication, a minor extra log-in step that security experts have long advised users to employ to protect themselves, the article says.

The security breach looks like it is a list of login credentials acquired over a long period of time through phishing and hacking of individual accounts from a website other than Google, according to

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