Authorities Looking for ID Thieves Targeting the Vulnerable

Identity thieves often target people who they believe are too vulnerable to protect themselves. Criminals frequently zero in on elderly or ill people for a quick score.

Suspected ID thief targets terminally ill woman

New York State Police are searching for a woman they say stole the identity of a terminally ill fashion executive, CBS Local reports.

Erin M. O'Hanlon allegedly withdrew more than $9,000 from the account of Kate Sullivan while Sullivan was in the hospital. Authorities say O'Hanlon opened several store credit cards in Sullivan's name.

Authorities identified O'Hanlon from a tip on their Facebook page.

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Assisted Living Aide gets one year for elder ID theft

An assisted living aide in Connecticut will serve one year in prison for stealing a resident's identity and forging $10,000 in checks, according to McKnight's.

Jessica Solomon said the threat of becoming homeless prompted her to steal a resident's wallet and checkbook.

Solomon cooperated with the investigators and was charged with identity theft, forgery and larceny. The judge sentenced Solomon to five years in prison, which will be suspended after a year and followed five years probation.

Hairdresser charged with stealing elderly client's ID

A pregnant hairdresser in Illinois is accused of scamming an elderly client in order to cover purchases from a sperm bank, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Jenifer Perik was arrested for allegedly making about $6,000 in unauthorized purchases on the credit card a 94-year-old hairdressing client.

At her bond hearing, it was revealed that about half the purchases were for a clinic that provides donor sperm. Perik is about seven weeks pregnant, but prosecutors are unsure if it was as a result of in vitro fertilization.

Perik allegedly used the elderly woman's Discover card information to make about 35 unauthorized purchases. The woman's daughter saw the suspicious activity and alerted authorities.

Perik's trial is scheduled for June 5.

Man allegedly uses sob story to swindle elderly couple

Police say an elderly couple in Tennessee lost over $1,500 to a man who approached them at the grocery store claiming to need money for baby formula and groceries, the Johnson City Press reports.

John C. Fenner allegedly approached the 67-year-old female victim asking for $20 to buy groceries and a ride to his house. Fenner is accused of repeatedly contacting the woman and her 83-year-old husband with hard-luck stories in order to purchase more items.

Police say Fenner approached them several more times with varying schemes to get more cash. Eventually, Fenner allegedly took off with the couple's debit card and withdrew additional money.

The victims provided police with a description of the suspect and identified him in a lineup. Fenner has been charged with theft, identity theft and writing bad checks.

Children's hospital employee accused of ID theft

A former employee of a Tennessee children's hospital was indicted for identity theft and fraud, according to WREG.

Police say Fannie Randolph used patient information to illegally obtain controlled substances, sometimes using patients' state benefits to pay for fraudulent subscriptions. She is also accused of forging physician signatures to get prescription drugs.

Randolph has been charged with eight counts of identity theft and six counts of fraud.

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