Authorities Shut Down Suspected Identity Theft Rings

Whether it's a few people working together on a small-time scam or an international crime ring, identity thieves often work together to maximize the fraud. Here are some recent ID theft cases where the alleged perpetrator had partners.

Aspiring Rapper Accused of ID Theft

Carlton Carter has been arrested for his part in an identity theft ring that involved him impersonating bank customers to access their accounts, the New York Daily News reports.

Authorities say they've recovered weapons, $100,000 in cash, kilos of heroin and other evidence from members of the ring.

Carter, an aspiring rapper, allegedly instructed others in the crew on how to steal identities and impersonate people at banks in order to access their funds. At least 45 bank accounts have been compromised.

The probe into theft of roughly $80,000 from over a dozen Manhattan banks ended in dozens of arrests.

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Two on East Coast Guilty in Ukraine-Based ID Thefts

Two men pleaded guilty to involvement in a Ukraine-based identity theft ring that tried to steal $15 million, the Boston Business Journal reports.

Prosecutors say Lamar Taylor of Massachusetts and Richard Gunderson of New York were part of a cybercrime ring that used stolen log-in credentials to access customer accounts at financial institutions including Citibank, TD Ameritrade and JPMorgan Chase. The operation's leaders in Ukraine diverted money into accounts and pre-paid cards, then Taylor and Gundersen withdrew the stolen funds.

Gundersen and Taylor face up to five years in prison and $250,000 in fines. They are set to be sentenced in September.

Three at Large for $500K ID Theft Scam Stretching to Africa

Authorities have charged three men who remain at large for an online identity theft scam that involved shipping cars to Ghana, according to Times of San Diego.

Henry Addo of Ghana, Edmund Seshie of Ohio and Abdul Rezak Shaib of New York allegedly bought U.S. vehicles using stolen identities then sent them to Ghana for resale.

The scheme involved at least 44 vehicles worth more than $500,000. The FBI says Addo orchestrated the scam from Ghana, using Seshie and Rezak Shaib to do work in the United States.

All three were involved in a Ghanaian religious practice called “Sakawa,” which combines modern internet-based fraud techniques with traditional African rituals.

Police: Six People Used 1 Woman's Stolen ID to Work

Six identity theft suspects used one woman's identity to try to work at six different Phoenix-area businesses, KPHO reports.

Authorities began investigating when the victim reported she was turned down for food stamps because of earned wages reported to the state.

Four of the suspects, who are said to be undocumented immigrants, were arrested and held in jail for identity theft. Eva Maria Lucio-Diaz, Martha Patricia Gonzalez-Florez, Letecia Diaz-Jimeniz and Alicia Surrano-Frias told authorities they used the stolen ID to work. The other suspects are still under investigation.

Three Arrested for Using Stolen Bank Info to Buy Gift Cards

Alabama police have arrested three men for trafficking in stolen identities, according to WIAT.

Authorities say the men accessed Regions Bank customer accounts to purchase gift cards.

Samuel Bamidele Cole, Olakunle Oluwaseun Ijiti and Antwi K. Boamong were arrested at Wal-Mart after purchasing nearly $3,000 worth of gift cards in less than 30 minutes. The bank alerted Wal-Mart and police of the fraud. The suspects were then arrested in the parking lot.

Cole, Ijiti and Boamong are awaiting trial. Police are investigating additional suspects.

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