Celebrities and Billionaires Hit By Identity Theft

Anyone can be a victim of identity theft. These recent cases show that celebrities, billionaires and tech superstars aren't immune to being prey to this growing crime.

Luke Wilson Sues Former Assistant for Alleged ID Theft

Actor Luke Wilson says his former assistant used his identity to make $90,000 in unauthorized purchases and stole more than $75,000 in personal property, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

In a lawsuit filed in California, the actor claims that Charles Lodi used his access to Wilson's accounts and information to incur charges for things including hotel suites, vacation home rentals, first-class flights, wedding expenses and restaurants while living in rent-free housing provided by Wilson.

After discovering the alleged theft in April 2014, Wilson fired Lodi and agreed to skip a lawsuit if Lodi repaid a portion of the stolen funds. However, Wilson's suit claims that he was only repaid part of the agreed-upon amount and that Lodi moved out of state with the stolen property in breach of their agreement.

The suit seeks a judgment of $60,000 plus interest for the contract breach and an additional $75,000 for an invasion of privacy, the return of personal property and additional damages.

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Investment Adviser Pleads Guilty to Faking Ties to Winklevoss

An investment adviser pleaded guilty to fraud and identity theft charges for a scheme that involved using the identity of Tyler Winklevoss and others associated with the founding of Facebook, Reuters reports.

Prosecutors say Arun Ganguly faked ties to Winklevoss and others to convince investment funds, start-ups and wealthy individuals to hire him.

Ganguly pleaded guilty to scheming to defraud, grand larceny and identity theft. The judge said he faces two to six years behind bars.

ID Thief Sentenced for Stealing Billionaire's Tax Refund

A man convicted of robbing banks and stealing the identity and $1.4 million tax refund of a billionaire real estate investor has been sentenced in federal court, according to Patch.

In a sealed hearing, Moundir Kamil was sentenced for his part in a series of 2003 bank robberies and using Irvine Co. Chairman Donald Bren's personal information to deposit a stolen tax refund in his name into a bank account opened with fake credentials. Authorities say Kamil transferred or withdrew about $1.1 million from the phony bank account.

Bren is an investor based in Orange County, Calif. worth $15.2 billion and the majority owner of Manhattan's MetLife Building.

Kamil previously pleaded guilty to federal bank fraud charges.

Good Samaritan Returns Lost Credit Card to Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks was pleasantly surprised when a man returned his lost credit card to him rather than using it for identity theft, Inquisitr reports.

After losing the card in New York, a man Hanks only identifies as "Tony" returned the card to the actor immediately.

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