Corrupt Detectives Face Decades in Prison for ID Theft

Identity theft may be common, but it's always shocking. Corrupt detectives facing decades in prison and health insurance companies hit by an ID thief who stole thousands of identities are just some of the latest cases in identity theft news.

Florida Detective Could Face 35 Years for Identity Theft

A Florida police detective was found guilty in an identity theft case that could land him in prison for up to 35 years, according to the FBI.

Authorities say William Garcia of the Sweetwater Police Department and former South Miami police Detective Richard Munoz used a felon who was a confidential police source to obtain counterfeit credit cards. Garcia used those cards on shopping trips and was caught on tape promising the confidential source that he would bring him counterfeit cards from work and talking about using the cards to shop.

The FBI has been investigating Garcia since 2011. Garcia was part of an elite detective unit now accused of unjustified arrests and of hiding items seized after arrests, the Miami Herald reports.

Garcia faces a minimum of two years and a maximum of 35 years in prison at sentencing June 26. Munoz pleaded guilty and is awaiting sentencing.

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Nearly 9,000 Victimized in Insurance Plan ID Theft 

The personal data of about 8,830 former and current members of a Tufts Health Plan insurance plan has been stolen by identity thieves, the Boston Globe reports.

Tufts told the Globe the data includes names, birth dates, and Social Security numbers but not medical, health or financial information. The insurer also said the theft "was not due to an electronic breach, IT system vulnerability or hacking,” but did not offer the Globe further explanation.

Federal officials are still investigating the theft. The insurer will offer year-long identity-theft protection and credit-monitoring services to the victims.

Second Man Convicted in NY Restaurant ID-Theft Ring

A New York man will serve up to seven years in prison for his role in an identity theft ring targeting Golden Town Buffet, ABC 10 reports.

Pheng Sathongoth pleaded guilty to stealing customer credit card numbers and was ordered to pay about $5,000 in restitution.

Five restaurant employees were arrested, with co-conspirator Heng Li already convicted and sentenced to a similar term for his role.

Sathongoth was sentenced to serve a minimum of two years and a maximum of seven years in prison.

Three Arrested at Texas Airport for Identity Theft

Three men accused of stealing identities to open retail credit accounts were arrested at a Texas airport as they tried to flee back to New York, KXAN reports.

Patrick George, Douglas Bullock and Jason Ellison were charged with organized retail theft. Authorties say George used a Brooklyn man's identity to open a Nordstrom account that the three used at several locations.

Police traced the suspects' vehicle to a rental car company and found the men at a boarding gate in Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. The suspects were carrying the fraudulently purchased merchandise along with more drivers licenses, credit cards and materials commonly used to create fake IDs, according to the warrant viewed by KXAN.

The men were booked into Travis County jail awaiting further action.

Texas Card Skimmer Sought by Police

A Texas police department is asking for the public's help to identify a suspected identity thief who uses a card skimming device to steal account information from gas pump payment machines, according to the Pearland Journal.

The Pearland Police Department says the suspect skimmed cards and used the data from Murphy Fuel Station payment machines to make cloned debit cards using the stolen account data.

The police have seized the device used and are examining it.

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