Dairy Queen Says Customer Data Compromised in Breach

If you've visited a Dairy Queen over the last couple of months and paid with a card, you may want to check your credit or debit card statements.

The ice cream chain says about 10 percent of its 4,500 stores across the United States had their payment systems hacked.

A malware attack compromised customers' information including names, payment card numbers and expiration dates.

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"We have no evidence that other customer personal information, such as Social Security numbers, PINs or email addresses, were compromised as a result of this malware infection," read a statement about the breach on the company's website. 

Dairy Queen discovered evidence that the systems of some of its locations and one Orange Julius location were infected with the widely-reported Backoff malware that is targeting retailers across the country.  The investigation revealed that a third-party vendor’s compromised account credentials were used to access systems at those locations.

Based on the investigation, Dairy Queen President and CEO John Gainor stated that he is confident the malware has been contained. 

A list of impacted DQ locations and the one Orange Julius location, as well as the relevant time periods, is available here.

For more information and security tips on what to do if you were affected by the breach, click here.

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