Employees Accused of Using Jobs for Identity Theft

Many people have access to your private data, thanks to their jobs. These recent cases show that everyday acts like laying down your charge card to pay for a meal or getting your prescriptions filled can open you up to identity theft.

Postal Worker Accused of Identity Theft

A US Postal Service worker in North Carolina was charged with committing Social Security fraud and identity theft on the job, according to WXII 12.

Prosecutors say Joyce Huskey Stanley used stolen Social Security numbers to open bank accounts and spent about $3,500 on goods and college tuition.

The USPS is investigating the case, along with the Secret Service and Rockingham County deputies as Stanley awaits her next court appearance.

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New York Man Faces Jail Time for Restaurant Scam

A man connected to identity thefts at a New York Golden Town Buffet restaurant pleaded guilty, News 10 reports.

Investigators say Saihing Chan and his accomplices stole customer identities and credit card numbers using a skimming device.

Heng Li and Pheng Sathongoth, who were also involved in the scam, have pleaded guilty. A case against co-defendant Bao Liu is still pending.

Chan faces four to 12 years in prison at sentencing.

Drug Company Worker Charged with Stealing Patient IDs

An Ohio woman is accused of stealing patient identities from the prescription drug company she worked for, reports.

Lateeka A. Spear was fired from Envision Rx when a company audit revealed she had allegedly stolen three customer identities. Police say all three customers reported unauthorized transactions on their credit report.

A warrant has been issued for Spears's arrest.

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