Fake IDs Leading to Identity Theft

Using a fake ID is against the law, but if that's not reason enough to stay away from this type of purchase, here's another: It's also likely to lead to identity theft, which could impact the financial future of teens for many years to come.

Indeed, some fraudsters are targeting underage teens attempting to purchase fake IDs in order to gain access to personal data that could help them commit identity theft.

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New York's governor Andrew Cuomo issued a warning to residents about the dangers involved in providing sensitive information to those that claim to sell fake IDs online. Cuomo says often, these people are pretending to sell fake IDs as a front intended to lure victims into handing over sensitive data.

Even when teens submit an application for a fake ID that includes a different birthdate, they also provide a bunch of valid personal data, including name, address and driver's license number, as well as a valid photo. Then, they submit a credit card number, and often, a phone number and email address as well.

According to Cuomo, dozens of cases of identity theft occurred after teens attempted to buy fake IDs online.

“Our message is simple: It's just not worth it — both for the immediate consequences of getting caught with a fake ID and for putting their financial future at risk,” Cuomo told WIVB.

New York certainly isn't the only state with this kind of activity on its radar.

In Maryland, police are also warning about the potential dangers of the pursuit of fake IDs.

Officers in Howard County, Maryland have emphasized that they have a zero tolerance policy.

"I make sure that everyone gets charged. We have zero tolerance because it's not just this little thing where it's a rite of passage to drink, there's a lot of other things that can come of it," Detective Mark Baxter told ABC News.

Detective Baxter explained that the practice isn't limited to fake IDs, but also applies to anyone searching for a fake passport, immigration card or Social Security card.

"There's no identity document in the world that can't be counterfeited. To what degree of quality is the question. ... It goes far beyond young people who want to drink. All kinds of crime is involved with fraudulent identification," Martin Johnson, who volunteers as an Identity Documents Specialist for the Howard County Police Department, told ABC News.

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