Fear of Identity Theft Changes Shopping Habits

Americans are changing the way they shop to better protect themselves from identity theft, according to a new study from

The survey showed that major breaches at retailers like Target, Neiman Marcus and more brought the issue home for many shoppers, according to the story on's website.

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Findings included:

—94 percent of those surveyed said they were equally or more concerned with identity theft than they were a year earlier.

—28 percent said they are swiping their debit card less because of fear of identity theft.

—18 percent said they are using their credit card less.

—26 percent are shopping online less.

—25 percent said they are using cash more often.

—38 percent said they check their credit report more often.

—52 percent said they have stayed away from shopping at a company with a credit card data breach. is a credit card comparison website that offers detailed information on hundreds of cards.

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