Google Unveils New Privacy Controls

Google is responding to consumer demand for greater control over online privacy.

This week Google announced two initiatives—a “hub” to manage your settings and a new site to answer questions about Google privacy and security.

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In making its announcement on June 1, Google noted:

"According to a recent Pew study, 93 percent of people think it’s important to control access to their personal information, and 90 percent care about the type of information that’s collected about them. But only 9 percent feel they have 'a lot' of control over it. We want to change that."

Google has come under scrutiny from foreign governments over the information it collects and stores. This may relieve some of that pressure.

Its new hub is called My Account and puts into one place controls over YouTube, tracking your location, tracking your web activity and more.

In addition, Google has created a site that answers basic questions such as:

  • What data does Google collect?
  • What does Google do with the data it collects?
  • Does Google sell my personal information?

How often do you use Google each day? For search, docs and other productivity at work, gmail, watching a cute video on YouTube, and more. Google is ubiquitous. Given its reach into our lives, it’s worth taking some time to lock down your settings. Access My Account to select your preferences.

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