National Guard, Police, Charity Workers Accused of ID Theft

December 17, 2013

Insiders with access to confidential data have been accused of stealing identities from three organizations across the United States in recent days.

Guardsman Taken Into Federal Custody for ID Theft

A member of the Minnesota National Guard has been charged with stealing names, Social Security numbers and security clearance levels of roughly 400 members of his former Army unit in Fort Bragg, N.C., so he could make fake IDs for members of a militia group, according to the Associated Press.

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Highway Patrol Employee Arrested on Identity Theft Charges

A California Highway Patrol employee was recently arrested on suspicion of embezzlement, according to KTXL-TV in Sacramento.

The CHP says Bijan Azar, a non-uniformed employee, was funneling state money into his own bank account, which officials say was frozen once the alleged embezzlement was uncovered. He was booked on charges of identity theft, misappropriation of public funds and grand theft.

Charity Worker Arrested for Stealing Federal Prosecutor's Identity

An employee of Big Brothers Big Sisters in Michigan is being charged with stealing the identity of several people, including a federal prosecutor, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Amanda Casanova allegedly stole the identities of several people through her job at the charity to open up credit-card accounts and buy cell phones. She later sold the phones to buy cocaine, according to the charges against her.

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