Nurse, Bank Teller Accused in Identity Theft Scams

December 12, 2013

Two identity theft cases this week in New York and New Jersey highlighted a crime that's very hard to avoid: Having personal information stolen by an employee of a company you trust. In one case it was a nurse in a doctor's office; in another, a bank teller.

Year in Jail for Man who Bilked Elderly Out of Nearly $700,000

A New York man was sentenced this week to one year in jail for his role in an identity theft scam that bilked 80 elderly patients out of nearly $700,000, according to the Staten Island Advance. 

Jerome Forteau, known as "It'z Holly," schemed with his brother and his brother's fiancee, who worked as a nurse at a medical practice, prosecutors said. The nurse, Amanda Zieminski, stands accused of stealing about 80 patient files. The ring allegedly used the information to access patients' bank accounts, apply for credit cards and file tax returns in the victims' names to collect their tax refunds.

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New Jersey Ring Used Homeless People to Steal from Banks

An identity theft ring that recruited homeless people to steal cash from bank accounts has been busted in New Jersey, that state's Attorney General's office announced. The group, which included a bank teller who stole customer records, sent homeless people and drug addicts to pose as bank customers and withdraw money using forged IDs, according to The Jersey Journal. 

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