Those in Positions of Trust Face Identity Theft Charges

While identity theft is common, it's particularly shocking when the thief is someone trusted who abuses his access to private information. From police officers to parents, here are some accused identity thieves awaiting trial for using their positions of power to allegedly steal.

Miami Police Recruit Faces ID theft Charges

A Miami Police Academy graduate was arrested for identity theft and wire fraud, according to NBC Miami.

A conspiracy indictment accuses Yurien Gallardo and 19 others of stealing personal information from wireless phone subscribers and using it to add themselves as users to these accounts and buy iPhones to resell.

Authorities say Gallardo and his co-defendants fraudulently purchased about 1,249 phones this way and targeted 860 Verizon customers for more than $545,500 in fraud.

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NYC Officer Arrested for Fraud, ID Theft

A New York City Police officer has been charged with fraud and identity theft for allegedly giving out other people's driver's license information, CBS New York reports.

Prosecutors say Officer John L. Montanez was recorded offering to provide a cooperating witness with information from a "clean" driver's license since the witness had his license revoked.

Montanez also allegedly offered to provide multiple names, dates of birth and license information for others in exchange for merchandise purchased with fraudulent credit cards.

Former State Employee Charged with Claiming Others' Property 

A former Washington Department of Social and Health Services employee is charged with using his access to a confidential state database to steal more than $150,000 in unclaimed property belonging to others, according to the Washington Attorney General's Office.

Authorities say Timothy Darrell Fultz created 38 accounts in the name of others on the Department of Revenue's website, which allows people to search for unclaimed property or funds in their name.

Washington State Patrol’s High Tech Crime Unit found evidence that Fultz accessed various confidential state databases to find names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, limited English speaking profiles and information on relatives to use in developing false claims.

New York Hospital Patients Targeted by ID Theft Ring

A hospital employee has been charged with stealing patient identities, according to the Nassau County District Attorney's Office.

Latoya Talbert was arraigned for her alleged involvement in an identity theft ring that began in 2011. Prosecutors say she stole identities of North Shore Hospital patients and used them to open retail credit accounts at stores including Bloomingdale's and Macy's.

Other members of the ring were convicted last year.

California Man Suing his Father Over ID Theft

DeWayne Keith Long Jr. has filed a federal lawsuit against his father, claiming his father destroyed his credit rating by racking up at least $500,000 in debt and filing bankruptcy, according to OC Weekly.

The complaint by Long Jr. alleges his father, DeWayne Keith Long Sr., abused parental knowledge and used his birth date, Social Security number, employment history and other personal information to commit fraud.

The suit seeks $1 million in damages and restitution along with an injunction blocking Long Sr. from using his son's information. The father has yet to file a response to the suit.

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