LifeLock Settlement Advice When Your Identity is Stolen

You use your credit card while on the job, on weekends, vacations and online when you’re home. With so much use, your identity has a high chance of being stolen. While identity theft is a hassle, you can limit damages if you know what to do. Consider these LifeLock settlement tips:

Initial Impact

It is common for the first sign of identity theft to be new and unfamiliar creditor inquiries. You might be asked about unpaid bills you never even knew about. This can be startling at first, but to limit damages, put out an initial fraud alert to one of the three credit report agencies — Equifax, Experian or Transunion. Once one of these agencies is notified, it will notify the others. Also inform the creditor involved that you are a wronged party and steps are being taken to rectify the mistake.

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Credit Reports

Request a credit report from each of the credit agencies listed. Victims of identity theft are entitled to free credit reports in addition to the free annual credit report to which everyone is entitled. Any accounts that might have been affected by this theft should be notified. Ask to speak with the fraud department and inform them of the situation. After that, write each company that holds these accounts a formal letter. It’s crucial to have everything documented in writing.


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