UConn Warns of Data Breach

Are you a student, alum, employee or former employee of the University of Connecticut? If so, your sensitive personal data may have been stolen by Chinese hackers.

UConn announced Friday that a cyber attack originating in China compromised the Social Security numbers, credit card information, logins and passwords of students, faculty and staff.

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The hack was discovered on March 9, but information skimming could date back to the fall of 2013.

The university is cooperating with the FBI, which is investigating the hack.

In addition, the university is trying to reassure those impacted by the incursion.

According to Michael Mundrane, UConn's chief information officer, "UConn places the highest priority on maintaining the security and integrity of its information technology systems. That's why, in addition to assisting individuals and research partners in responding to this incident, we're taking steps to further secure our systems."

The infiltration was uncovered when malware was found on the school’s servers.

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