Workers Use On-the-Job Access to Steal Identities

We trust dozens of institutions with our personal information. Whether it's the bank or the phone company, letting someone else protect our sensitive data is a part of everyday life. But these recent cases show that sometimes the employees at these trusted institutions use their job as an opportunity for identity theft.

Eight Convicted in AT&T Call Center Scam

Eight people in Florida have been found guilty in an ID theft scam that targeted AT&T customers, NBC Miami reports.

Prosecutors say a call center employee Chouman Syrilien provided co-conspirators with customer data from AT&T files. The crew added their names as users on victims' financial accounts and obtained addition cards they used to make purchases totaling tens of thousands of dollars.

Seven of the defendants were sentenced to prison terms as long as three years. The final defendant is awaiting sentencing.

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Ohio Hospital Worker Breaches Hundreds of Records

An Ohio hospital employee gained unauthorized access to nearly 700 patient records, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The worker was fired after the breach, which included Social Security numbers, financial account information and medical records.

A hospital spokesperson says it appears the worker was "snooping" and there is no evidence of fraud or identity theft. The hospital has not publicized the employee's identity.

Affected patients were notified and provided with a year of free credit monitoring. Experts say it can take up to two years to discover if any identity theft has actually taken place.

County Jail Employee Guilty of Stealing Inmate Identities

A former county jail employee pleaded guilty to stealing inmate identities on the job, the Ledger Independent reports.

Belinda A. Morton faces seven years for using the personal information of inmates at Mason County Detention Center in Kentucky to obtain credit cards. A phone card connected to one of the credit cards shows calls between Morton and a male inmate.

The investigation began in January after two inmates complained of identity theft. Morton was fired in February after the calls between her and the inmate were discovered.

Investigators say Morton used the detention center's computers to apply for the cards.

Bank Employee Convicted of Stealing Customer IDs

A former bank employee in California awaits sentencing for stealing from elderly customers, according to KHTS.

Samuel Jose Godinez was fired from Wells Fargo in Santa Clarita when an investigation revealed several elderly customers had thousands of dollars stolen from their accounts.

Godinez faces six years in prison at sentencing.

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