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This Notice applies in conjunction with, and in addition to the LifeLock Privacy Policy. It is designed to provide transparency and highlight those areas where personal data processing for this product is different and, in many cases, more restrictive than the practices explained in the LifeLock Privacy Policy. Should there be any conflicts between this Product Privacy Notice and the LifeLock Privacy Policy, this Product Privacy Notice controls.

Online Account Monitoring

Product/Service Description

LifeLock Online Account Monitoring is a service that allows you to link accounts specified by you (“Linked Accounts”) (e.g. your Gmail account) to the Online Account Monitoring Service, and the Service will scan the linked account and alert you to the presence of certain sensitive personal information (“SPI”), which you will then have the option of deleting or securing the data, or leaving as-is. Specifically, the service scans for the following SPI:

Social Security Number (U.S.)
Credit Card Numbers
Passport Numbers
Driver’s License Numbers/Driver’s license images
Date of Birth
Telephone Number
Email address

Data Access and Collection

  1. Account Information: Name, email address, home address, telephone number, Account ID

  2. Data from Linked Accounts:

    Email content and meta-data: Sender or recipient e-mail address, date sent, date received, subject line, attachment name, and content of the email sent/received.

    Attachments: Text and images within attachments in Linked Accounts, including metadata*.

    Social Media Accounts: profile data (e.g. profile name, date of birth, etc. (as applicable)), photos, attachments, activities (likes/location), content created/uploaded (Note – some social media accounts (e.g. Facebook) will not allow outside access to the message application so that content is not scanned for SPI.

  3. *Metadata may include, as applicable:
  • Directory path and links.
  • Image Description Metadata may include: image description, title, subject. Tags, and comments.
  • Image Origin Metadata may include: Author, Date Taken, Program Name, Date Acquired, and Copyright information
  • Image Camera Metadata may include camera specifications such as: Camera maker, Camera Model
  • Advanced Camera Information may include: Camera Serial Number
  • Image File Metadata may include: Filename, Folder Path, Date and Time Created, Date and Time Modified, Attributes, Shared With, Owner, and Device Identifier

Data Processing

  1. Your Account Information is used to set up and administer your account in accordance with the LifeLock Privacy Policy.

  2. Linked Account data, including content and metadata is machine-scanned for SPI, and used solely to: (a) provide the services to you (b) provide or improve user interface features or (c) comply with applicable laws.

  3. We will only transfer the Linked Account data to third-parties if: (a) necessary to provide or improve user interface features (b) to comply with applicable laws or (c) as a part of a merger, acquisition or sale of assets. Services providers and agents shall be subject to written agreements no less protective than these terms and Symantec is responsible for the actions of its service providers/agents.

  4. Your Linked Account data is machine scanned for SPI and flagged content is stored in secure databases, with all SPI encrypted. We do not permit individuals to access your Linked Account data except in the following cases: (1) you consent (including for assisting you in customer service, identity theft protection inquiries, or restoration cases.) (2) it is necessary for security purposes (for example: investigating abuse) (3) to comply with applicable laws and (4) for internal purposes if it is aggregated and anonymized.