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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • It's a ripoff

    Lifelock has not helped me one iota, not even catching the fraudulentl use of my AMEX card by someone in the country of Wales, 6000 miles east of my location. Read more »

    By Gardner Harris , on 2016-05-24  06:40:09

  • what?

    when i signed up i included all credit cards that my husband and i have. little did i know that i was charged for 2 accounts, not told that upon signing up. i will not be renewing my subscription this year Read more »

    By ruth , on 2016-05-20  22:06:11

  • Poor coverage

    I had two credit cards that needed to be dealt with this month, both of which showed fradulent activity. I won't be requiring your services any longer. Read more »

    By Tim , on 2016-05-20  16:04:58

  • Tax Fraud

    A tax return was filed in my name using my social security number before I filed. Lifelock did not catch this. Read more »

    By Fldoglady , on 2016-05-20  05:00:35

  • Lifelock

    I don't even know I have it. Am I paying for it? Read more »

    By Susan , on 2016-05-18  16:59:55

  • Fraud activity

    I had a Bank of America VISA card hacked while visiting in Florida in March. Over $500 in fraudulent charges occurred. B of A discovered it and canceled the card. Did you catch it? Read more »

    By Barron H. Cashdollar , on 2016-05-17  19:13:46

  • Sleeping on the job.

    Life lock, I almost forgot I had you. This is the first time I have heard from you in a long long time. Apparently you must have hibernated for the winter. I have applied for credit and got NO alert from LifeLock. Good thing it was me and I got my car... Read more »

    By Joe Ferro , on 2016-05-17  13:36:26

  • Confusion

    I don't know which service I'm using. Just that it costs a lot and I can never seem to get the userid or password to your satisfaction. So no useful information to me. Do you issue refunds for dissatisfied customers??? Read more »

    By James H. Humlick , on 2016-05-15  21:27:29

  • fraud

    I got a letter from a credit card complany that someone was trying to open an account in my name. Your company said nothing. Read more »

    By Paul Grimes , on 2016-05-15  19:24:45

  • Not Satisfied

    My info has been compromised and when I contact U I get no help! I am so disappointed Read more »

    By Satinia , on 2016-05-14  19:26:23

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.