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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • It is o.k. I guess

    We need STEP BY STEP instructions with pictures how to add our credit cards to your system. I don't feel for over $300 this year I got my money worth. That you are not protecting my credit card. Can't add them. Read more »

    By dennis willson , on 2016-02-19  12:01:48

  • James R. Dorrion

    I no idea what areas you are monitoring. Have never been asked so think I may be wasting my money. Read more »

    By James R Dorrion , on 2016-02-19  00:20:35

  • Just ok

    Has yet to notify me when my credit report has been checked. I've had it checked by several lenders and have not been notified. Read more »

    By Royce , on 2016-02-14  17:20:37

  • not getting help asked for

    i worked 24/7 to keep credit good. i would receive numerous phone calls numerous applications in mail put freezes on credit bureaus was on phone with credit bureaus faxed information on my identity theft to credit bureaus had Detective work with me c... Read more »

    By lorraine case , on 2016-02-12  13:04:39

  • did not catch credit card fraud

    I am glad you did not find any... however my bank did. Read more »

    By Catherine Banks , on 2016-02-12  12:02:12

  • Fair

    I don't feel I have am using the hold service I am paying for I don't no how to complete wheat every I need to do Read more »

    By DORIS WOODS , on 2016-02-10  21:46:10

  • Not too great

    I think there should be a way to review & update information on line. When I spoke w/someone on phone they said I had to call. With regards to question below, not sure how long I have been a member. Read more »

    By Gloria , on 2016-02-10  18:23:27

  • LifeLock needs coordination

    My wife got phone calls from LifeLock saying they couldn't complete my membership. But in the US Mail I got my membership card and LifeLock ID number. I went online and set up my password and entered my financial information to be protected. My wife ... Read more »

    By JoeFromTexas , on 2016-02-09  22:55:02

  • Eh!

    On 2-8-16 I received an alert that there had been a change of address, which I did not make, in June 2015. I called lifelock and spoke with Casandra. She did not seem very professional and covered the mouthpiece & I heard her laughing. She also di... Read more »

    By Imazon , on 2016-02-09  04:16:04

  • Poor Service

    The problem with Lifelock is that where there is an expense noted from primarily your banking institution and it is for an amount set to be notified by lifelock you get this message maybe 5-7 days after the actual transaction takes place. That saying... Read more »

    By John Mingus , on 2016-02-08  15:36:20

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.