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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • frustration! How do I view my account?

    I can't even get in touch with someone or sign in----your site is always frozen. Read more »

    By Medlaw54 (I'm not sure) , on 2016-03-22  21:16:55

  • Still getting credit card offers in the mail

    I thought when you signed up for LL, you no longer receive credit card applications, etc. in the mail. I am still getting at least 3 a week, every week. Read more »

    By B , on 2016-03-21  14:31:31

  • didn't work

    Somebody hacked my debit card and charged up stuff on it....Lifelock didn't even know. Read more »

    By Neecee122 , on 2016-03-21  03:17:32

  • My credit card information was used in another state.

    In the pass LifeLock has notified me if my information was used to open an account and it has always been me using my information, so I was impressed. When there was a breach in my credit card information and my account was used, I never received a n... Read more »

    By Trisha , on 2016-03-19  22:28:01

  • It is 'just okay'

    We are skeptical over its actual effectiveness... noticed it does NOT alert you with big ticket uses on Credit Cards or when cashing big checks. In fact, I get notices that it cannot access my bank information and when you call these people, they have... Read more »

    By John doe , on 2016-03-19  16:52:57

  • Not happy

    My purse was stolen in Feb. My identity compromised. there have been three attempts at opening new accounts in my name. Life Lock didn't catch any of them. Read more »

    By P Purviance , on 2016-03-18  17:29:20

  • What do you do really provide?

    I have no idea what I am getting for my membership fees. I have co-signed on a loan, changed my address for my bank accounts and several other activities. I heard NOTHING from LifeLock about this activity, although it was legitimate. My previous ser... Read more »

    By James , on 2016-03-17  16:26:03

  • No Notification

    I recently applied for a new credit card. My credit was checked with a hard inquiry but there was never any notification from Life Lock. The service seems useless Read more »

    By crowegrag , on 2016-03-17  13:01:25

  • Loan

    December 2015 I applied and was approved for a loan but never heard anything from LifeLock so I guess you guys are not doing your job. Read more »

    By Retaliate , on 2016-03-15  18:25:58

  • Identity Theft Protection

    Service was good for about the first year. When it was renewed, the alerts became sporadic and for a period of time stopped altogether. I contacted Lifelock and they indicated the problem was with my bank. I emailed my bank and told them of the iss... Read more »

    By Neil E. Knepp , on 2016-03-13  17:12:21

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.