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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • You never know until something happens

    As with insurance, you don't really know your vendor until something bad happens. Read more »

    By Greg Harris , on 2016-03-16  19:17:07

  • To big for your britches!

    I purchased several cars over the past year and they run all kinds of credit checks, but not once did Lifelock pick up and contact me. It use to be every time I did anything such as apply for a credit card or an increase in a credit card or purchase ... Read more »

    By Ken Willitts , on 2016-03-16  12:22:33

  • personal

    LifeLock missed fraud on my credit card that was used at Home Depot. Home Depot's security was breached in June, 2015, and fraudulent charges appeared on my credit card in October, 2015. The credit card company caught it quickly and took care of it. ... Read more »

    By Richard Keller , on 2016-03-13  20:37:56

  • Scott drenske

    so far you havent procted me from any fraud. have had it happen serveral time and they just refure me to my own bank and said they would take care of it. 100's of $. just dont see how there protecting me. i used my computer to order everything cuz i... Read more »

    By Scott Drenske , on 2016-03-11  19:07:12

  • not perfect

    It is comforting to know that my information is being monitored. I dont understand why Im only alerted when money is withdrawn, and not also when it is deposited, when Lifelock says it alerts me to "any" activity on my accounts. I also think I should ... Read more »

    By Daisy , on 2016-03-11  13:34:44

  • Credit Card Fraud

    You say you are monitoring hundreds of data points but my credit cards continue to be fraudulently used. Read more »

    By jimdoan , on 2016-03-06  23:43:26

  • Read the fine print

    Although overall I am pleased, the services are not what they are advertised to be. For instance, my financial institution cannot be monitored because it is not on Lifelocks list. This is a main item. I don't feel that there should be "levels" of se... Read more »

    By J. Navarro , on 2016-03-06  16:57:48

  • Review of Service

    I have had no attempts to breach any of my accounts, tax returns etc. So I cannot say if your service is responsible for this. I do have other accounts that I have repeatedly ask you to include in your protection. But you have refused to try to includ... Read more »

    By anon , on 2016-03-06  01:37:59

  • Text Alerts never work

    I have this because of fear, I guess just as they aimed for. I never get real help, the text alerts that are supposed to be available never come to me despite the fact that I have requested them. I have applied for a mortgage, they never noticed. I... Read more »

    By LoriB , on 2016-03-05  20:35:26

  • samsmt

    First, I am unable to removed closed accounts from your file. I wait to hear from you regarding a possibly problem. Read more »

    By samsmt , on 2016-03-05  17:43:28

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.