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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Which LL service are you using

    Average in every way. Read more »

    By Patrick , on 2016-05-31  15:49:22

  • No problems so far

    I have not had any credit issues since using LifeLock services. Before I got LifeLock I had two credit cards stolen and used, I was lucky I was able to retrieve my money back without issue. These two thefts however made me decide when my company cho... Read more »

    By Brenda , on 2016-05-31  13:36:50

  • o

    We purchased a winter home in AZ. During this process the were conpanys. that where doing credit checks on us. Lifelock contacted me in regard to these credit checks & it was imposable to get back in contact with Lifelock. Kenneth L Friesen Read more »

    By kenneth L Friesen , on 2016-05-25  16:58:29

  • Accounts hacked twice

    Debit card was scanned and credit card info was used for purchases Read more »

    By Kelly , on 2016-05-25  13:57:18

  • Questions

    2 Things: Why wasn't the e-mail sent to both members of the family. I am questioning whether I am covered as well as my wife? I was wondering what are the LifeLock Services? After signing up we have not received no notification of services Read more »

    By Gary Bethard , on 2016-05-25  12:17:00

  • Credit card fraud

    In March Bank of America notified me that my bank credit card had overseas charges which I not made. They cancelled the card and issued me a new card. Why did Life Lock not catch this? Read more »

    By Ira Frye , on 2016-05-22  22:28:48

  • Not happy!!

    I have 8 active accounts you're 'supposedly' monitoring. One of them hasn't been updated on your end since March 31, 2016 ---- I'm writing this review on May 20, 2016. I know there's been all kinds of activity made to the account but none of it is sho... Read more »

    By Cynthia Bonner , on 2016-05-20  18:34:03

  • I guess its OK

    I GUESS its OK, but I have received notification from both my job and two banks that my ID was compromised during the past year with nary a word from Lifelock so I do not particularly trust LifeLock's services. Read more »

    By Top Down Bruce , on 2016-05-20  14:22:50

  • lifelock standard

    So far no issues. Read more »

    By james manier , on 2016-05-19  21:20:40

  • Mr

    Happy to avoid supporting cyber crooks. Read more »

    By Ed Briody , on 2016-05-19  13:21:27

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.