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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Customer

    Good Read more »

    By George , on 2016-05-19  02:18:31

  • ?

    About three weeks ago, CapitalOne/Mastercard emailed me that my account was compromised in Indonesia. This happened after it first occurred about three years ago, I was given a new card then asked to create a secret code, and then later sent a chip... Read more »

    By ljdorall , on 2016-05-17  16:36:54

  • Oh yeah

    It is interesting that you claimed to have prevented fraudulent activity with my information seeing that someone has been using my credit card information to cask FRADULENT checks. Nice Read more »

    By John janusek , on 2016-05-16  23:04:47

  • Failure to recognize bank accounts opened fraudulently

    My husband's identity was used to open up two bank accounts approximately a month ago. LifeLock wasn't aware of it until we contacted a LifeLock representative at which point, we were told they would help us file charges, which wasn't needed. My con... Read more »

    By Beth Wilke , on 2016-05-16  20:32:22

  • My Review

    I have been enrolled in Life Lock Standard for about a year now. Every month I get a notice that tells me of any activity against my identity. This is a comforting message when no activity has been present. Read more »

    By Paul Sterbenz , on 2016-05-16  02:51:57

  • Very inconsistent

    Very inconsistent Read more »

    By Miguel Bobadilla , on 2016-05-15  12:36:33

  • Lifelock or Not?

    My SSN has been used fraudulently for taxes 2 years in a row. My taxes are still held up. There was a credit report run yesterday with no notification from Lifelock. I am really not sure what I am paying for. Equifax seems to have a better protection ... Read more »

    By Brenda Le Blanc , on 2016-05-14  01:27:04

  • 3 stars because...

    I gave 3 stars simply because I'm a new customer & don't really have any experiences to draw on for an opinion, which is a good thing! However, I think just the peace of mind is worth at least 3 stars. :-) Read more »

    By Teresa H , on 2016-05-13  19:51:25

  • Lifelock Review 5-13-16

    I learned recently from IRS that a Federal Tax Return for 2015 has been filed using my identity. I have filed an Identiity Theft Affidavit with IRS, SSA, my local Bratenahl Ohio Police Department and Equifax. Read more »

    By John Ingold , on 2016-05-13  14:22:32

  • Lifelock review

    Lifelock is doing a good job for the area I wanted monitored when I enrolled with the company. Read more »

    By K. Zenow , on 2016-05-12  22:35:56

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.