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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • No news is good news?

    Not sure if Lifelock is working because I get very little feedback from this company and what my purchased services are doing... If anything I get too many notifications for accurate purchases and monthly bill payments that I have to clear. Shouldn... Read more »

    By Paul Pedron , on 2016-02-26  15:33:42

  • Average Joe

    I find Lifelock to be an insurance for my privacy and personal information. They believe they worked because they found no one impersonating me. I'm not sure that is a good measurement. I get periodic info from them, but not enough. If you're inter... Read more »

    By Larry P , on 2016-02-25  19:45:48

  • Ok Service, Missed Fraudulent Event

    This is an OK service. I have had a small number of notifications over the years from them on strange or fraud based behavior but no major issues. However, I recently had an event where someone used my debit card in Texas for $900 (I'm in Virginia),... Read more »

    By John C , on 2016-02-24  22:04:33


    I would like it better if I EVER RECEIVE the shredder promised when I enrolled !!! Read more »

    By Bob , on 2016-02-24  18:48:33

  • Don't understand question.

    Acording to AOL, a massive virus has attacked our computer, and AOL charged us $450 to repair. They said that Norton and Lifelock were no good, and we needed to have Defender Pro.l Read more »

    By Peter J. Schreier , on 2016-02-24  17:46:58

  • Credit Card Issues

    The credit card I have listed on this account for protection has been compromised more than once. I don't understand why and what protection you offer in safeguarding my credit cards and possibly other accounts. Please respond. Read more »

    By Kevin Desmond , on 2016-02-24  11:42:39

  • Disappointed

    Today on 2-23-16 I called Bank of America on my Visa card, only to find out there were several Fraudulant charges on the card? Where were was your Team? Read more »

    By Kbeardemphl , on 2016-02-24  04:04:08

  • LifeLock is a Value Added Service

    It seems that somewhere around December of 2015 my LifeLock services started to degrade for no apparent reason? I am still in the process of trying to resolve issues relating to timely credit score updates and bank notifications. I am confident howeve... Read more »

    By WVBuck , on 2016-02-21  17:09:11

  • While using your service.......

    I became a victim of identity theft. Obviously your service doesn't prevent this from happening. Read more »

    By fiinvest , on 2016-02-20  14:05:21

  • first review

    Have not used service long enough to judge Read more »

    By Judith Benton , on 2016-02-19  14:43:30

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.