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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • This gotta be quick 'cause I gotta get back to my list. (try not to retire)

    Handed a 2010 Macy's card at checkout; NG. Would you like to renew? Yes, not thinking how you folks do a good job. I plan to use a CC sometime this year to buy a sweater for wife from Blarney Woolen mills in Erie. I did that 2 years ago and the CC... Read more »

    By Phil Tinnes , on 2017-06-14  19:01:36

  • Application for a credit card

    Thanks for alerting me to the activity initiated by me. This time it was legitimate and I appreciate your prompt notification of the activity. Read more »

    By Barbara Harvey , on 2017-06-14  01:43:11

  • Mrs.

    I appreciate your alerts when our accounts don't seem normal. Read more »

    By Esther Charney , on 2017-06-13  22:45:50

  • Wonderful service an thanks for your company.

    Your service was on top of my account when I put it through the test. It really is on the top of things an I appreciate great work. Thanks for this service. Read more »

    By Henrietta Reed , on 2017-06-13  17:14:59

  • Great I know your service is just wonderful.

    I will tell other of such wonderful alert to my defense if something happens on my account. Read more »

    By Henrietta Reed , on 2017-06-13  16:42:08

  • Very pleased!

    I just applied for a credit card and instantly received a notification from LifeLock to verify if it was me. I know I'm getting what I pay for. Thanks a bunch! Read more »

    By Tommy , on 2017-06-13  06:26:42

  • Credit card opened

    Our daughters are fond of shopping at Steinmart, and finally talked my wife into a shopping trip there - wife found some things she wanted and purchased them - we were told that we could get a extra discount if we got one of their credit cards, so we ... Read more »

    By Ezrider , on 2017-06-04  20:50:13

  • Lifelock review

    I'm so very glad I decided to enroll in life loc! I feel a lot more secure than bfor I did! Read more »

    By Kathy , on 2017-06-02  20:48:32

  • the fear of a privacy invasion

    the quickness of response when I returned home from shopping was incredible. Thank you. I will sleep better knowing that you are busy and above all ALERT. Read more »

    By john van deuren , on 2017-05-27  21:47:08

  • My rave

    I personally have had no experience but just hear positive remarks from others. From what I hear, I feel more secure in being a member. Read more »

    By Yvonne Dawson , on 2017-05-27  15:40:41

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.