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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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    By RICHARD AMOS , on 2014-11-11  20:14:51

  • helpful

    I received an e mail saying that I needed to call about recent activity. When I did the woman that helped me contacted the company and then called me back and did a confrence call to make sure that the issue was resolved. Instead of putting me on ho... Read more »

    By tschatzel , on 2014-11-11  17:32:14

  • not sure what you mean

    I think that is the one I'm using. Read more »

    By Diane Mills , on 2014-11-11  17:05:58

  • Unknown

    I'm trying to renew my annual coverage; but have been "side stepped" by LifeLock system into other avenues. l have recently changed my e-mail address;; but need to reset my password; and have a summary of what my previous covera... Read more »

    By Donald Ritter , on 2014-11-11  02:58:51

  • Advantage for having Lifelock

    Since using Lifelock my life has been a little better. Knowing the minute someone tries to use my information I am alerted to find out if it is me or not. It truly is a blessing to have a little relief. Read more »

    By Pollito , on 2014-11-10  15:07:16

  • Just Started

    So far it was easy to setup coverage and I'm very hopeful that this will protect me. Read more »

    By RC , on 2014-11-07  16:55:09

  • adding accounts for coverage

    I have upgraded my Lifelock coverage, and have added all of our conventional bank accounts for coverage. However, when I tried to add my wife's account with University Federal Credit Union, Lifelock did not recognize it, so I submitted a request - AN... Read more »

    By Herbert Rigsbee , on 2014-11-07  16:22:30

  • LifeLock respounce of a problem and notice

    We were alerted right away and stayed in contact with us during the notice. We felt very good about how it was handled and relieved a lot of stress when it was over. Read more »

    By Janie M Blodgett , on 2014-11-06  01:11:14

  • protected my social security number

    Joined lifelock as soon as my wallet was stolen glad I did thief s tried to establish loans which were stopped. glad I joined Read more »

    By Joe Giacchino , on 2014-11-05  19:01:36

  • Feel Protected

    I was a victim about a year ago. After dealing with the issue I called LifeLock and started their protection. Until about a week ago nothing happened but in the past week I have had 5 attempts to open credit cards in my name. Lifelock alerted me and w... Read more »

    By Kristi , on 2014-11-05  16:17:53

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.