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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • The net has holes....

    Twice during the month of August, I was contacted by banks / credit providers who wrote to me saying "there is a problem with your application for a credit account, you must contact us immediately". So I did... And it both cases, someone was using... Read more »

    By Robert Grant , on 2015-09-04  14:13:53

  • Not real happy right now.

    We purchased a car last week so we had our credit pulled twice but LifeLock never notified us. That concerns us. Read more »

    By hannamarilyn , on 2015-09-03  16:53:49

  • Access

    Have not been able to access my account nor figure out how to. Read more »

    By cdale , on 2015-08-12  20:09:06

  • What are we getting from LifeLock with what we are paying?

    We have open new accounts in the last 4 months and didn't hear a word from you. We haven't gotten an email from you in quite a while until now. Check your records. I really don't know what to think. We pay good money to have LifeLock. I hope someone ... Read more »

    By Marilee Mueller , on 2015-08-02  14:56:16

  • Falls Short

    I had two charges to my Visa card initiated in the middle east, one for $7,000 and Life Lock did not identify or notify me of this breach. Fortunately my credit union fraud division realized the threat and locked my account. I suspect that this AOL pe... Read more »

    By William Plaster , on 2015-08-01  14:50:26

  • what you said was not true

    I had a company that got a whole of my information, and I had to contact my bank. so I don't need your if I'm not being protected. Read more »

    By I don't remeber what it was. , on 2015-07-25  13:56:53

  • Quick review

    I have had the service for 1 month. last week one of my Credit cards had an unauthorized charge. The card company found it because whoever charged it used an incorrect address. the amount of the charge did not match any of my purchases. So good news... Read more »

    By Robert Smith , on 2015-07-23  15:37:01

  • lieflock

    I'm am not sure how to fully take advantage of life lock. do you need all my credit card numbers etc. Do I inform you when I travel or apply for new credit. Read more »

    By Claudia , on 2015-07-22  12:45:17

  • Disappointed

    My credit card information that was registered with LifeLock was recently compromised and 2 fraudulant charges were made. I caught it myself and had to cancel my VISA/Debit card. Not sure if LifeLock even works. Read more »

    By CMS , on 2015-07-17  03:19:21

  • Dissapointed

    Disappointed that someone got hold of our (my husband and my) name and security numbers and filed a fraudulent tax return twice in 2014 - the first one they filed was rejected by the IRS - the second falsely filed return prompted the IRS to ask for ... Read more »

    By K. delaney , on 2015-07-07  12:01:36

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.