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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Hardly Know They're there.

    I started this service through the benefits of the online provider plan. I was surprised that in almost a year, Life Lock still doesn't know that for several years, my SS number was used by another person to try to get IRS refunds. A mailbox thief w... Read more »

    By Edgar A Koshatka , on 2015-10-27  04:09:42

  • somewhat disappointed

    as a cleared dod contractor and the spouse of a government employee, we engaged in your services because of the recent cyber attacks on government databases about 4 months ago. About 4 weeks ago my wifes bank account was subjected to a hack. About a... Read more »

    By Chad Geist , on 2015-10-23  00:56:37

  • Lifelock

    I need to talk with someone from lifelock regarding our accounts (the wife and I). I don't think either of us know what we have or what we don't have. You send info to my email for the wife and haven't sent me one email. So where do we stand. Read more »

    By Arthur McCarthy , on 2015-10-22  18:18:15

  • service that costs $17 a month

    Checking account hacked 2 times this last month. Got $2,000 and 2nd time I caught it before they got anything else. Read more »

    By Cath , on 2015-10-21  13:49:14


    I would like to know if your service is so grand how somebody was able to get my debit card number and almost drain my checking account while my debit card was sitting in my wallet so I guess you didn't protect my identity that great. Read more »

    By BKLAWLESS , on 2015-10-20  18:03:35

  • unsubscribe

    I asked someone in your company to cancel my account and I see you didn't. Please cancel my account,as my husband a I are on all accounts I don't need to pay double !!!! thank you alice price Read more »

    By alice price , on 2015-10-17  22:09:45

  • What Happened?

    Last week Imy checking account was hacked for over $1,000. Heard nothing from your company. It was caught by the bank. Read more »

    By hdsubnick , on 2015-10-17  21:36:59

  • Costly and may Sometime be helpful.

    Just too expensive. They work hard to feed you a steady diet of fluff try to justify their cost. Do I really need my credit score every month? Maybe if there is change caused by fraud. I need a lower cost service who will monitor and report PROBLEM... Read more »

    By don't remember , on 2015-10-12  14:38:11

  • poor, conflicting information

    LifeLock's last email to me said that no fraudulent activity has been found in the past month, yet just days ago I received a Data Breach notification. Which is correct? This makes me very leery of your services. Read more »

    By John , on 2015-10-10  16:26:39

  • Notifications seem to vary

    Although I was notified the other day about T-Mobile checking my credit (and I have not applied to them for phone service, or anything else) I had also recently applied for and received a gasoline credit card. I never did get a notification on that f... Read more »

    By Angela Lee , on 2015-10-07  13:15:45

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.