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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Too costly

    Did not know that we would be charged 19.95 a month for my wife and myself. Too expensive. Read more »

    By Larry Yost , on 2015-10-06  14:50:26

  • It is working?

    I applied for a credit card, got it, but never notified my credentials were used. Isn't this part of your service? Shouldn't I be notified? Read more »

    By John A , on 2015-10-04  00:02:20

  • Lack of notifying me

    I only hear from you every 3 or 4 months ???? I appreciate when you do notify me. Read more »

    By David Pozzetta , on 2015-10-02  11:54:06

  • Not Sure You're Working For Me

    Recently I have had two significant fraudulent events. Neither event triggered a response from LifeLock. In fact I received my usual email stating LifeLock is protecting me and has not found any fraudulent activity. When I called and informed Life... Read more »

    By Greg B , on 2015-10-01  18:42:57

  • credit card failure

    Last month my credit card co. notified me that I had some activity that was not cool. Some one tried to charge to my credit card a lot of things, over $1000.00. I was never notified by you of any problems of fraud. I don't think you are doing your job. Read more »

    By John mercer , on 2015-09-25  02:39:41

  • dont catch them

    three amex charge cards were opened since march and you havent detected any of them Read more »

    By f scott , on 2015-09-21  04:26:54

  • One got past you!

    On 7-7-15 a charge was placed on my Visa account ending in 9801 which I did not make to "Change Your Wear" for approximately $10.00. I promptly called my credit card and cancelled it. I have a new number which I have updated in your system ending i... Read more »

    By Cindy Loebach , on 2015-09-16  04:10:46

  • Card information stolen

    One of my credit card information was stolen in August. There were at least 8 fraudulent charges on my card but lifelock did not catch any of them. Read more »

    By Nooshin Boloorian , on 2015-09-12  17:18:08

  • Not impressed

    I had someone file a 2nd tax return under my ss# to the IRS. They actually got paid. Two days later some one in Louisiana used my discover card twice. I called life lock and they didn't know anything. Said no breaches of my SS#. Not impressed with lif... Read more »

    By Jim Stelzig , on 2015-09-12  13:10:54

  • not great

    my credit union called to tell me my card had been used in another state where I do not live! Where was LifeLock?????????????????????????????????????? my company pays for our membership, otherwise I would probably use another company. Read more »

    By Becky , on 2015-09-08  15:05:45

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.