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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • I was hacked.

    My debit card was hacked on line. My bank caught it but LifeLock did not. Read more »

    By au88islovd , on 2015-05-29  01:30:17

  • Missed one

    I recently was notified by my credit union that my debit card had been compromised. There was one unauthorized use and an additional attempt. This was never picked up by LifeLock. Not before, during or after. Bummed! Read more »

    By Eileen Milakovic , on 2015-05-01  23:53:27

  • Not protected

    My Facebook account was hacked; Lifelock was NOT aware and was NO help in resolving the problem. Read more »

    By Anne R Brusca , on 2015-04-27  10:11:37

  • Credit Card

    I had a fraudulant purchas on a credit card of $212.00. Where were You Read more »

    By Ralph L Rowan , on 2015-04-22  21:40:55

  • What exactly are you monitoring?

    I got a loan for a vehicle about a month after subscribing and LifeLock still has no record of it. What gives? Read more »

    By Thumper , on 2015-04-13  13:53:56

  • Didn't catch Visa/Mastercard breaches

    I am thinking of cancelling or asking for a refund of my Lifelock membership because I had two credit card breaches and not one word from Lifelock! Read more »

    By Fran , on 2015-04-09  18:22:46

  • didnt catch this one

    Someone electronically filed for my tax refund, I don't know how you would have protected me, but you didn't. Read more »

    By Phil G , on 2015-04-06  18:15:11

  • mised a fraudulent use

    My corporate card was hacked 5 times in one day and I was not notified by you nor did you pick it up Read more »

    By Al Rose , on 2015-04-02  14:54:45

  • After one year, you now want to charge me more for the services I had originally.

    Although I do like that I get notified when something with my credit occurs, I find it amusing that you now have to purchase upgrades to get my credit score. I can get that free somewhere else. I see LifeLock like I once saw Satellite Radio. Neat a... Read more »

    By Steve Waldern , on 2015-04-01  14:31:22

  • Fraud against my acct.

    My Wells Fargo acct was compromised three times in March.Someone cashed 3 bogus checks that I did not write. Wells Fargo put the money back into my business savings acct. and reimbursed the fees that were charged against my acct. Last year $6,000.00 d... Read more »

    By Ronny Voltz , on 2015-04-01  00:36:42

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.