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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Disappointed

    Today on 2-23-16 I called Bank of America on my Visa card, only to find out there were several Fraudulant charges on the card? Where were was your Team? Read more »

    By Kbeardemphl , on 2016-02-24  04:04:08

  • While using your service.......

    I became a victim of identity theft. Obviously your service doesn't prevent this from happening. Read more »

    By fiinvest , on 2016-02-20  14:05:21

  • LifeLock does not catch it all

    I pay approximately $500/year for my family to be covered by LifeLock. It wasn't until I received notification of a new checking, savings account that was set up in my name with a debit card on its way, that I realized LifeLock does not catch it all.... Read more »

    By HEmersonG , on 2016-02-11  10:37:37

  • I assume Lifelock helped.

    I got hit by a Hijacker but Norton took care of it in minutes. Read more »

    By Lgrein , on 2016-02-10  01:23:31

  • disappointing

    2 months ago, you reported no fraudulent activity, when there had been a breach of my identity with my Kohl's charge card. Read more »

    By Wendy2144123 , on 2016-02-09  15:31:41

  • finally i got an email update the life lock is on the job!

    I would greatly appreciate a monthly updates like the email I finally was sent. Thank you Read more »

    By james dinallo , on 2016-01-31  13:36:47

  • Problem

    I have a Costco American Express Credit card and a few weeks ago I was called by the credit card company telling me that they though someone used my number to buy things from the Apple Store. They were right and they canceled over $1300 on my card th... Read more »

    By Kenneth McKenzie , on 2016-01-19  16:01:12

  • Reprot notices are too genral to create belief in the protection level.

    Receiving the status reports is positive, but the content is so general one cannot determine the reality of the level of protection provided Read more »

    By Robert Alvine , on 2016-01-18  16:00:22

  • Can not reccommend yet

    I would give LifeLock 4 or 5 stars but seems like I am logging in to my account to re-log Lifelock back into my credit card accounts so they can monitor my accounts. This is a problem that LifeLock has not solved with me. Read more »

    By Joe Robben , on 2016-01-18  14:11:41

  • App

    Your app doesn't work it never lets me log in to check anything. Read more »

    By Sherry , on 2016-01-17  16:18:54

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.