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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Bad reviews

    I have heard some bad things about LifeLock, and I hope it is not true. Read more »

    By Vincent Church , on 2015-08-03  07:20:24

  • Car Leasing

    I co-signed for a car for my son. Lifelock never notified me my the action on my account. I called Lifelock about a week after and asked them about the incident.. Their answer was, We can not catch everything. My answer was, "it was a car lease, n... Read more »

    By William Carrico , on 2015-07-31  12:38:18

  • Notifications

    I was just reading about you problems with the FTC, and wondered how much affect this will have on your members. Whenever the FTC begins investigating companies related to customers being treated unfairly, I become concerned. jim curtn Read more »

    By jim curtin , on 2015-07-23  00:39:50

  • No info

    I signed up at work through HCA benefits. I never received a info booklet. I also get ID protection from my bank for $1 monthly. If I use your service next year I would do so outside of work. Read more »

    By Wayne , on 2015-07-20  17:38:15

  • Incomplete Profile

    My husband signed both of us up for LifeLock $30/person per month. Don't know which one that was or is for the above choice. I know nothing about your company; and my husband doesn't consult me before he "charges full speed ahead." I can't get in t... Read more »

    By Carolyn Jane Franckowiak , on 2015-07-18  18:50:00

  • Credit score

    I think you should supply the info that causes the credit rating to raise or lower without me having to call the credit agencies directly. I notice in one month it lowered at Trans Union 7 points. You should supply the reason. Read more »

    By Jeri , on 2015-07-15  16:09:29

  • email notifications

    For months I routinely get the LifeLock notifications and have been unable to read them. The email opens, but the graphics are not there .. blank page. I have written to AOL and to you, but for some reason, this problem continues. My browsers & so... Read more »

    By Michael F. Shively , on 2015-07-09  17:09:52

  • Missed

    My card was used for fraudulent charges. Life lock did not alert me or even identify this. The bank called. Read more »

    By Acm , on 2015-06-26  11:27:28

  • Double charging

    Since last July 2014 AOL (Va) has billed me $8.99 per Mo. and Lifelock (AZ) has billed me $8.00 per Mo. for my wife as a family member. Double billing with repeated contacts to resolve... not resolved. Read more »

    By Jerry , on 2015-05-30  16:03:13

  • barbara

    I have a lot of activity on my checking. I wish there was someway you could see the repeats and not text me every time I run a check or transfer internally. Read more »

    By barbara billingsley , on 2015-05-15  13:59:39

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.