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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • not really sure what service I have (it is through AOL)

    It is good to receive regular statements regarding my identity status. However, earlier this year I got a call from one of my credit card companies. They said there was a charge made to my account and asked if I was familiar with the item being charg... Read more »

    By Buell Barton , on 2015-12-05  14:10:51

  • Had to cancel credit cards and debit cards due to fraudulent charges.

    I'm not sure why fraudulent charges were not detected by LifeLock. But, we had both of our debit cards and credit cards affected with fraudulent charges. It could be that the problem is with personnel at our bank or with Walmart. In any case all ca... Read more »

    By Stephen Clayton , on 2015-12-04  18:00:22

  • frraudulent charges

    Fraudulent charges appeared on one of my credit cards, $1200 worth! If I hadn't checked the bill I would not have known. My card number was used in Georgia and S. Carolina. Life Lock did not notify me of the unauthorized purchases. Read more »

    By Aline Jodz , on 2015-11-28  15:04:28


    I have not received the promised shredder. Read more »

    By Bob , on 2015-11-27  23:45:04

  • Account hacked

    Well, last week my account at Wells Fargo was compromised, so don't think your service is as good as promised. Read more »

    By Theodore Sudinsky , on 2015-11-22  16:24:54

  • Missed a hack

    Lifelock provides a valuable service and notifies customers of their status on a regular basis. However, in my cased, they comp[lately missed a hack into my SSN and other personnel records with various federal and state agencies. Read more »

    By George Downs , on 2015-11-20  15:59:36

  • Hacked Info NOT Reported by You

    You ell me that there was no instance of anyone hacking my accounts, but I received a letter from the US government that my name was included in the group that they confirmed had been hacked (as a former federal employee. Please explain. Read more »

    By AGayJohnson , on 2015-11-18  19:45:48

  • Not sure how effective this is

    I am unsure about your protection, as someone ordered a credit card from chase bank using my name and address. The card came to me and I called Chase and notified them it was fraud. The card was cancelled immediately, but my credit score went down. Read more »

    By Barbara Hanna , on 2015-11-03  14:14:16

  • Disappointed

    There have been two instances where my information has been involved and neither has been detected by Life Lock. Read more »

    By Dick Ritter , on 2015-10-30  14:12:19

  • comment

    Last week Bank of America temporarily restricted my debit card because of fraudulent activity. Read more »

    By Edward Snead , on 2015-10-30  02:51:16

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.