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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • notifications

    i opened a credit card through capital one, and never heard a thing from you asking if I applied for the card! Thank goodness it was me or I could be in a fine mess. I thought I was going to receive notices when any activity happened with my credit. A... Read more »

    By Kirissia Krantz , on 2015-10-25  01:27:27

  • IRS

    I received al enter from the IRS that someone had attempted to get my tax information/social security. Lifelock did not detect this Read more »

    By smurka , on 2015-10-18  15:32:53

  • Question

    Recently I charged $5889 for home maintenance, I thought I would have had an alert for charging such a high amount, but I didn't. My question is why not? Read more »

    By Bob Breuer , on 2015-10-11  18:14:27

  • My

    You do not have my bank accounts or refit cards. You've got our joint accounts but not my personal accounts. I've tried to contact you but have had no luck. Please contact me. Read more »

    By John Kintz , on 2015-10-08  01:48:11

  • Somewhat Pleased

    I'm not happy that you haven't updated our credit rating since April 7, 2015! Read more »

    By Kim Crawford , on 2015-10-06  17:53:49

  • Like Insurance

    Just like other insurance policies no one like the premiums or the necessity of using buying them, but we do just in case the unexpected happens. Lifelock is terribly inconvenient to set up (trying to track down all the CC accounts, etc.) and is of un... Read more »

    By IAeby , on 2015-10-04  23:36:56

  • monthly report

    If you wait for a month to report, the "crooks" will be far gone. How do you find a breach before the damage is done? I get the feeling that all you do is to notify us after they are "in and out" of an account. Dr Quirk Read more »

    By Dr. George Quirk , on 2015-10-04  15:57:11

  • Should we have been notified?

    We have opened two credit accounts in recent months. Life lock never questioned these. I expected to be notified and have us confirm that we opened these accounts. I was surprised that we were not asked. Read more »

    By FL subscribers , on 2015-10-03  16:49:18

  • Missed Fraudulent Activity

    I got your usual report that no fraudulent activity was noted. However, my bank and credit company contacted me a few weeks ago and confirmed with me that there were two fraudulent transactions on my credit card. Read more »

    By Roger Waddell , on 2015-10-02  15:09:51

  • Nothing Special

    Nothing Special Read more »

    By ES , on 2015-09-23  13:19:14

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.