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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Good

    Good Read more »

    By Daniel Todman , on 2015-05-13  23:27:13

  • LifeLock Service???

    Last week American Express contacted me that our credit cards were compromised. They took care of me. I did not hear anything from LifeLock. Are they doing their job??? Read more »

    By Michael , on 2015-05-11  22:21:46

  • fraudulent charge

    Just yesterday, May 5, my bank called and they said their computer flagged a payout that someone had used my bank card for a charge of 91.00. I was lucky it wasn't 9100.00! But the fact is the bank caught it and not Lifelock. Is that good? Read more »

    By Jo Beth Smith , on 2015-05-06  12:18:04

  • Email Alerts

    When I entered my employee benefit enrollment, I used my email. When my spouse later entered his own details into Lifelock's systems, he entered HIS email. I just got an alert addressed to him -- that's disappointing. Is he getting them? Membershi... Read more »

    By JHH , on 2015-05-01  13:07:30

  • Nothing ever happens

    I've been a member of LifeLock for a little ofer a year now - I've opened two credit cards, managed some other accounts and I've received nothing that anything was ever happening on my account. Nothing. Read more »

    By Jen K , on 2015-04-28  13:51:01

  • Suggestion

    Your text iswsy too small compared with other sites I vuisit. I have given up trying to read your reports Read more »

    By ipxcat , on 2015-04-27  18:08:07

  • "Nothing to report"

    I have only heard from LifeLock once since I became member re: activity. Twice recieved an email telling me "Nothing to report" so I don't know what kind of review to send you or to tell anyone else. I'm not even sure what kind of coverage I have to b... Read more »

    By Pat , on 2015-04-26  22:29:53

  • no titel

    in march my credit card was used without my knowledge and someone tried to charge something on a second card. now i have new credit cards.i have free service through AOL Read more »

    By gunhild mckinney , on 2015-04-26  00:54:35

  • Not Happy

    Over the past 3 months I have had several large financial transactions, to include buying a home. To date, I have received no alerts. Additionally, I discovered fraudulent transactions on one of my credit cards. No alerts. Read more »

    By Danny Waller , on 2015-04-19  16:56:04

  • Never really know they exist unless it is for billing.

    I've been hacked 3 times on credit cards and have had to cancel them. Cannot seem to find phone numbers or even by account numbers with them. Was told I would get my credit report but never seem to get one per year as told. Not sure of other services ... Read more »

    By Tinmanabe , on 2015-04-17  23:30:55

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.