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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Thank You Life Lock

    Quick response when new inquiry is opened Read more »

    By Richard , on 2017-12-09  01:41:53

  • Thank You!

    It's such a good feeling to know that somewhere out there your protected from people who would try to steal your identity or lifes savings. LifeLock has alerted me several times to make sure I was the one making changes to one of my accounts. I so app... Read more »

    By CC , on 2017-12-01  04:31:37

  • Excellent service

    I am so pleased that you questioned my opening of a new credit card. Thanks so much for excellent attention Read more »

    By Carol Schaffner , on 2017-11-27  17:51:05

  • totally awesome!!!

    life lock has been very good in monitoring my activities..I would highly recommend it to anyone Read more »

    By Anita Hernandez , on 2017-11-26  00:34:41

  • Feel comfortable

    cannot believe how quick a response when I had Citi Bank look at a card for me. Read more »

    By edward m burns , on 2017-11-24  18:49:14

  • LifeLock Is super great

    I can’t believe the rapid responses. Filled out for new credit card this AM and before I got to my car, LifeLock was asking me if I had done that. Soooooo reassuring. Thank you. Read more »

    By Katie , on 2017-11-24  16:48:53

  • Awesome

    I'm so thrilled to have lifelock and wondered if it was really working. Found out tonight. Very glad I had already told my parents and they have had an excellent notification alerting them before major problems. Thank you!!!! Read more »

    By Denny , on 2017-11-16  00:17:57

  • LifeLock gets an A+

    I very much appreciate being notified when my Social security number is used thank you so very much Read more »

    By Misc Carole , on 2017-11-15  02:34:07

  • Awesome!

    LifeLock is awesome ! I love that it alerts me when I/we apply for credit or anyone checks credit history,etc.One of the best decisions my husband and I have made Read more »

    By Linda , on 2017-11-14  00:42:27

  • Feel protected

    Nice to have a feeling of being watched over. When I was checking on getting some new services for my home, my credit needed checked. Life Lock sent me an alert to make sure it was me. Nice to know if anyone trys to use use my identity they will be st... Read more »

    By Bettlebug , on 2017-11-11  12:47:43

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.