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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Fast Response

    I had some questions about my account so I emailed them. They responded quickly that they received my email then answered some of my questions. I'm waiting on another answer but feel they won't forget about me. Read more »

    By Nelson Family , on 2014-11-05  23:00:20

  • cancel my subscription

    Cancelled my subscription. My employer provided a better offering. Thank you for your great support. Read more »

    By Tim Brinson , on 2014-11-05  22:52:05

  • survey

    great Read more »

    By review , on 2014-11-05  18:54:13

  • telephone application

    issue resolved by lifelock Read more »

    By Edward Holley , on 2014-11-05  17:07:03

  • First Case

    I was amazed and quite pleased at how fast LifeLock responded to my identity theft. From the time an account was opened fraudulantly in my name, to its resolution, was less than 5 days! Outstanding work LifeLock! Read more »

    By James Jennings , on 2014-11-05  17:01:45

  • Fraud discovered

    My SSN was used to open an account with Verizon Wireless. LifeLock worked with me to get resolution. But when I applied for a home loan 6 months later, Verizon had not followed through and my credit report had delinquent account information on it. ... Read more »

    By docexaminer , on 2014-11-05  16:56:36

  • Satisfied

    Good value. Never an issue Read more »

    By RIP , on 2014-11-05  15:29:54

  • A sense of protection

    I have seen the ads and commercials on TV but only just recently subscribed/enrolled in your services. I like the alerts that I receive and how it enables me to see what type of activity is going on with my accounts. We really like the added protect... Read more »

    By Lydia Niko Liva , on 2014-11-05  15:04:39

  • Excellent service!

    There is no price for peace of mind. I love all your services! Read more »

    By Donna , on 2014-11-04  22:54:06

  • Geat work

    A+ Read more »

    By Tony Nguyen , on 2014-11-04  22:53:45

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.