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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Does it protect

    Lifelock's extensive network is not very extensive. it does not effectively prevent fradulent activity. I recently opened a bank account in another city, and Lifelock did not detect it. When I called to complain, there was no concern on the part of... Read more »

    By Robert Christian , on 2015-08-05  15:30:26

  • security?

    Thus far you are failing! We just had my debit card being used by someone else, and you guys never caught it or even called about it!!! Wells Fargo had to catch it and they dealt with it. Read more »

    By Dave Koen , on 2015-07-30  16:07:16

  • no value added

    horrible service lack of customer focus Refuse to correct identity theft from PayPal Credit - Reps seem very used to customer complaints and not surprised I spoke to 1 rep, 1 supervisor, then a 3rd person (member services) Read more »

    By Frank , on 2015-07-28  00:24:58

  • Poor customer service. Poor communication from LifeLock.

    Called several times to ask questions about initial alerts we received when first signing up for the service. Staff was not knowledgeable. After the initial communications from LifeLock, we received minimal updates from them. We found out from our ... Read more »

    By KAW , on 2015-07-16  17:41:37

  • I don't care about a title and don't know why I need a title

    On the phone survey you asked me to rate the person who helped me but did not provide a scale. I find you to be a little difficult to understand. You sometimes send multiple alerts and I am unsure if it is a new alert or a duplicate. At the end of ... Read more »

    By John Smith , on 2015-06-30  21:37:29

  • Erroneously reports transactions as duplicates, can't connect to some accounts

    It's showing 3 alerts for the same transaction. I checked my financial institution and they only have that transaction once. I replied "yes, that's me" on the first instance, but there's no way I can clear their duplicate alerts. Lifelock won't c... Read more »

    By Rie , on 2015-06-14  13:47:10

  • Missing coverage

    I have been a reinstated member since May 22, 2015 and have not received ONE email from LifeLock. I was told by customer service that LifeLock has a problem with yahoo email. So, when are you going to FIX the problem, so I can take full advantage of... Read more »

    By Tom , on 2015-06-09  19:21:14

  • Does not work!

    Impossible to use. Impossible to log in and give info. Will not accept the information I have Provided. Read more »

    By Laney , on 2015-06-07  21:26:11

  • bad systems

    System constantly going down. I have to spend too much time on phone with lifelock to get back up again. As of today my protected accounts are down again and I don't know when will work again. This has been going on since I joined Lifelock. Read more »

    By Stephe meyer , on 2015-06-03  18:50:38

  • Poor quality web site, customer service reps and protection coverage

    We were deceived when we signed up and have learned just how poorly your web site operates and how inadequately your service techs respond to problems. 1. We expected full coverage for our joint accounts under one membership but had to buy two separ... Read more »

    By Karl Aichele , on 2015-06-01  01:45:34

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.