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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Unresponsive Customer Service

    An account that has been protected since inception suddenly can't be protected and it will take 3 to 5 business days to make it available again. I had an investment account in my protected accounts since I opened my account. I received a notice that... Read more »

    By Mike Jeffries , on 2015-05-01  13:29:25

  • beware of fraudulent business practices

    I signed up for the ultimate plus service. After logging in and starting to input my information, I was asked for information on my spouse. Since we share all accounts, I entered her information. Nothing was ever stated that entering her informatio... Read more »

    By Dom , on 2015-04-22  20:16:52

  • Can login but no ones home

    Tried to update my account after receiving a notification. Website is locked up due to an update. Called Lifelock and I can't get a time when system will be back up to update my account. I upgraded, they took my money but the system won't let me get... Read more »

    By BBBBc , on 2015-04-19  06:24:19

  • Bank account hacked for over >$2000 in 24 hours

    Our main bank account was hacked for over 2 days and we lost over $2000. Weird withdrawals were made > $400 at a time over 1-2 days at very random ATMs....which is very unlike us. I then received an email from life lock that "no fraudulent activity wa... Read more »

    By Kelli Davis , on 2015-04-18  01:01:31

  • website is terrible , so far not working

    i can not connect my bank account. to change screens takes forever, the service is terrible in the website. so far is not working at all. Read more »

    By lkelymiv , on 2015-04-16  22:04:07

  • Certainly do not feel secure - save your money

    Although they say that they update my back balances daily, when I checked they were so far off that they did not even have major cash transfers that had been made. Perhaps they are good for identity theft but for all the rest, does not seem to be wort... Read more »

    By AJ , on 2015-04-16  19:01:41

  • I came online to join LifeLock and without my knowledge I ended up being billed monthly for LifeLock ULTIMATE PLUS!

    You are supposed to protect me from being scamed - and you are the one that is scamming me monthly! I just got a notice from the bank of a fraudulent charge from LifeLock. I didn't sign up for any monthly services!!! NOT TO MY KNOWLEDGE ANYWAY! Read more »

    By JDNoble79 , on 2015-04-14  18:19:58

  • Not worth the money

    Nothing offered here that you later cant discover provided through your own bank, through credit rating agencies and through local municipal records --- all for free. Certain "protections" are not set up immediately and require time consuming calls to... Read more »

    By Disappointed , on 2015-04-13  03:47:38

  • Almost

    A lot of good this does "protecting & monitoring" when I have to re-login to my bank accounts multiple times per day. I have to tell LL to reconnect to my banks all the time. Waste of my time. Read more »

    By Sam I Am , on 2015-04-07  15:02:44

  • Not Happy

    my wife and I are members....we paid a fortune for the Ultimate Plus...but we put faith into your company that we would be protected. We were not. My wife's identity got stolen under your watch~! Someone opened a charge card on Feb 15, 2015 under her ... Read more »

    By Brian DePatra , on 2015-04-06  17:27:52

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.