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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • unhappy

    I found a delinquent report of the 3 credit bureaus on my credit report from you. There was incorrect information there and I spent over one month getting taken off. No thanks to you! You didn't not it, you didn't give me any help. Your people (... Read more »

    By Box Advocates , on 2016-03-12  14:39:27

  • Not notified

    I recently had one of my cards compromised and I was notified by LifeLock. I was notified by my CC company Read more »

    By Michelle McDonald , on 2016-03-04  18:58:35

  • 5 star

    Great Read more »

    By Sondra Dotson , on 2016-03-02  02:05:52

  • No Fraud?

    I just got an email stating Good news; Lifelock has helped protect my identity. Really? Is that why on Christmas morning I got a fraud alert from my credit card (covered on my ultimate plus plan) asking me if I had purchased some $700 at bed bath and ... Read more »

    By Frank lewis , on 2016-01-12  15:43:27

  • LifeLock Ultimate Plus

    On January 1, 2016 we were notified via email by Bank of America Activity Alert to unusual credit card activity on that day. There were 6 charges/attempts made that were unauthorized. We were never notified by our LifeLock Ultimate Plus service. Th... Read more »

    By DSC , on 2016-01-01  18:35:23

  • LifeLock Plus

    Over the years, we have made many complaints about the lack of messages over long time periods, and the inconsistency of identical messaging to each of our two, paid-up, accounts (Merle Poller and Dennis Poller) when issues applying to each arise. The... Read more »

    By Dennis Poller , on 2015-12-24  17:48:59

  • IRS fail

    Recently my tax return was stolen has my identity was compromised and I never heard one word from LifeLock. I had to file paperwork with the IRS to let them know my identity has been stolen in. LifeLock did not pick this up and I am still waiting for... Read more »

    By Thomasdwilkerson , on 2015-11-16  16:32:39

  • in the dark

    I may not understand what the lifelock service is all about and expect more than I should. Life is very invisible to me. I see on "presence" of evidence of anything going on that secures any aspect of our accounts. When I look to see what the ser... Read more »

    By Larry Booker , on 2015-11-12  19:54:03

  • Little happy with your company!

    On my 53th Bank Statement , I found Lum charged on my account and Lifelock did not catch it. I did. It the Brain game you plan with on the computer. It is so hard to get on. They charge me 199.99 last month. And it came from California. I already got... Read more »

    By Joan Tonini , on 2015-10-30  20:35:08

  • BNrHToiACiZgv

    lNeTKN Read more »

    By Bradley , on 2015-10-26  16:29:24

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.