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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Customer Service

    I have contacted Lifelock on a regular basis and found service to sometimes be ok and sometimes not at all what I expected. Agents are not sharp and it shouldn't be days and days for alerts to go out. I will not renew. Read more »

    By C.G. , on 2017-07-06  16:37:14

  • I rellay don't know what you're doing!

    I appreciate the fact that every so often you send me an email stating there has been no fraudulent activity on my account. But, I do not know if you're actually doing anything or not. I have never had any fraudulent activity. I will say that I though... Read more »

    By Flo carter , on 2016-05-17  04:49:23

  • did not call me back

    I was called told i had someone using my account to check my credit status. Life lock said they would call back and never did so where was the help? Read more »

    By sandra miller , on 2016-05-13  02:44:05

  • QjjxmJXdgpuIOlD

    QghxFy upfbjcuczarb, [url=]vfhynnvwkfan[/url], [link=]bablwdckpiaf[/link], Read more »

    By ymnwzys , on 2016-05-03  07:59:12

  • Hello, hello, anyone there?

    It may be a good system, it may not. I've been a member almost for many years, and the only thing I ever hear from this company is that some sexual deviant may have moved into my zip code. Since, so far as I know, my identity has never been stolen n... Read more »

    By Mike , on 2016-03-23  12:23:03

  • unhappy

    I found a delinquent report of the 3 credit bureaus on my credit report from you. There was incorrect information there and I spent over one month getting taken off. No thanks to you! You didn't not it, you didn't give me any help. Your people (... Read more »

    By Box Advocates , on 2016-03-12  14:39:27

  • Not notified

    I recently had one of my cards compromised and I was notified by LifeLock. I was notified by my CC company Read more »

    By Michelle McDonald , on 2016-03-04  18:58:35

  • 5 star

    Great Read more »

    By Sondra Dotson , on 2016-03-02  02:05:52

  • Lifelock Plus and your Bank

    Lifelock Plus doesn't do much good if it doesn't monitor your Bank account. For some reason the Lifelock Plus does not work with my Credit Union. My Checking account was breached to the tune of $3300.00 around Christmas time. There were 31 charges(in ... Read more »

    By Jeffrey Moore , on 2016-02-12  16:15:09

  • Compromize NOT reported by LL !

    my Master Card and my wifes MC was compromised and you did not report it to me. You will see I made a change on my information yesterday. I do not ubderstand why I had to hear about this from MasterCard and not at all by LifeLock. Read more »

    By Thomas Boczkiewicz , on 2016-01-26  14:17:37

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.