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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Alert is too generic

    I received an alert that "This email is from the LifeLock Member Services Team. We detected your personal information being used in our network†. DATE: 07/23/2017 11:18 AM ALERT TYPE: Existing Account Update CATEGORY: Bank Account Checking... Read more »

    By Catherine Kimball , on 2017-07-24  03:01:43

  • User Name & Password

    my user name is my e/mail address I put in correctly and my password correctly & still couldnt review my information. What am I paying you $52.00 a mo for myself & my wife if I cant acces the online information to add or review information? The protec... Read more »

    By Frank G.Maluso , on 2016-10-30  21:33:36

  • Which LL service are you using

    Average in every way. Read more »

    By Patrick , on 2016-05-31  15:49:22

  • No problems so far

    I have not had any credit issues since using LifeLock services. Before I got LifeLock I had two credit cards stolen and used, I was lucky I was able to retrieve my money back without issue. These two thefts however made me decide when my company cho... Read more »

    By Brenda , on 2016-05-31  13:36:50

  • Oh yeah

    It is interesting that you claimed to have prevented fraudulent activity with my information seeing that someone has been using my credit card information to cask FRADULENT checks. Nice Read more »

    By John janusek , on 2016-05-16  23:04:47

  • Lifelock or Not?

    My SSN has been used fraudulently for taxes 2 years in a row. My taxes are still held up. There was a credit report run yesterday with no notification from Lifelock. I am really not sure what I am paying for. Equifax seems to have a better protection ... Read more »

    By Brenda Le Blanc , on 2016-05-14  01:27:04

  • Lifelock review

    Lifelock is doing a good job for the area I wanted monitored when I enrolled with the company. Read more »

    By K. Zenow , on 2016-05-12  22:35:56

  • j

    I like your service but would like it more if you guys were more patient when I call by phone. It seems like the few times I have called, I always feel like right from the beginning of the call I am being rushed off the phone. Why am I not important... Read more »

    By sp , on 2016-05-12  22:15:20

  • Bad public relations

    Consumer reports stated that for the money we pay, it is not worth the cost. I am thinking of cancelling our subscription. What say you? Read more »

    By Ed Baldwin , on 2016-05-10  13:43:52

  • Not much benefit for cost

    Not much benefit for cost Need to send information such as credit number without going on line. It is very expensive. Did not use it Read more »

    By Bruce E Blue , on 2016-05-09  16:35:55

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.