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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Just now learning of the potential of LifeLock.

    Just now learning of the potential of LifeLock. Had the service for almost a year but completely forgot about it until I received a few text alerts Read more »

    By Thomas DeRosier , on 2015-05-31  21:35:10

  • good look

    Good Read more »

    By renee , on 2015-05-21  07:47:11

  • New Client

    I am too new a client to give a meaningful review. I have found the log in setup difficult to successfully complete. Read more »

    By Lorraine Sherman , on 2015-05-12  15:55:03

  • Would give Five stars BUT

    You dont provide a monthly credit report but yet you advertise and have a selection to see a monthly credit report. I still have a score report from Dec of last year! As far as services. Ive been a Ethical hacker for the better part of 13 years no... Read more »

    By Jim , on 2015-05-08  22:29:37

  • Lifelock is "ok", but not what I hear & see advertised. please assist!?

    "I have called LifeLock at least twice since joining as I discovered through you that I am reported as having a debit card with a balance! I have NONE, ZERO = NO debit card(s). I was not able to enlist the help of anyone from LifeLock. This FALSE in... Read more »

    By Andrea M. Whitney , on 2015-04-26  04:41:01

  • So far, so good.

    Initially experienced some problems with breaking on-line connections with financial institutions. This appears to be mostly resolved after 2 months. All transactions over my established dollar limit are identified and sent to me for authentication.... Read more »

    By KennyO , on 2015-04-22  21:01:47

  • Life lock premium plus

    It is to early to tell. Read more »

    By Stephen Crandsll , on 2015-04-20  15:06:39

  • Pretty good - but have questions

    I like the monthly credit score and key news but wonder if LifeLock offers fraud alerts, an insurance plan, credit history or credit monitoring reports? Read more »

    By Kir413 , on 2015-04-15  17:31:55

  • Unhappy with inability to monitor my home mortgages

    My primary reason for signing up for the Ultimate Plus Plan was to keep an eye on my mortgages. However, I keep following your instructions and procedures that I believe will work but LifeLock has not been able to monitor my two mortgages. Your system... Read more »

    By Maryann T. , on 2015-04-04  03:44:47

  • Missed Detection

    I'm paying a fee for protection of my personal data, and over the past 3 months have had to change credit cards due to breach. I've never been notified once by LifeLock, but did receive the info from my credit card company. The only thing I get on a r... Read more »

    By Thomas Ralph , on 2015-03-30  13:03:37

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.