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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Confused

    Found this by accident. Don't know how it was sent but it did not show up in my spam or regular mail folders. This is the only correspondence from lifelock I could find. Read more »

    By Paul Kaminsky , on 2015-11-01  15:51:32

  • If I could change one thing...

    I would have a way to tie my account and my husband's account together, so I don't have to logon separately. Other than that, I'm very happy with the service. Read more »

    By dneifert22 or , on 2015-10-22  20:03:50

  • Like the commucation that is not intrusive and keeps us informed

    Knowing LifeLock is monitoring our account and subtly keeping us informed of what is going on in the background is very comforting. There phone support is very quick and friendly. M. Geenen member since 2014 Read more »

    By Marcus Geenen , on 2015-10-14  20:28:12

  • My Lifelock Review

    If you send me a message and therefore already know who I am, must I go through so many identity verification processes? Read more »

    By Hugh Blanchard , on 2015-10-08  01:53:37


    LifeLock has given me peace of mind with the frequent alerts and postings on identity thefts with the ability to effortlessly review current credit reports and activities. The ease of account set-up was phenomenal and the security system they have in... Read more »

    By Jackee F , on 2015-09-11  16:28:51

  • Please advise on the following:

    I just received your email stating "During the past month, LifeLock found no fraudulent activity associated with your personal information within our extensive network†...". I have NOT gotten these on a monthly basis, only occasionally. I would like... Read more »

    By Andrea M. Whitney , on 2015-08-13  00:28:42

  • great but needs some improvements

    alerts are quicker than other services i subscribe to--in fact i received a text within minutes of my own attempt to open new Sears credit account. overall very happy except for one thing----i I have the ultimate plus package and even at the high... Read more »

    By tippyjohn , on 2015-08-10  13:14:51

  • Life lock is great

    Life lock is very good it's an excellent source of protection of information Read more »

    By sroper , on 2015-07-27  22:01:05

  • Capital One access

    I am quite disappointed that you are not able to set up your system to properly access my Capital One money market account. I keep deleting the one you can't open, and then add it back successfully, but then get a message that indicates you can't ope... Read more »

    By Joel Silva , on 2015-07-19  21:28:16

  • best purchase of 2014

    Year 1 with LifeLock has been worry free. There are so many other things in my daily life to be concerned and mindful of, but knowing I have LifeLock in my corner , and on my side, I am relieved and confidant that my name and information are secure. Read more »

    By Scott Fishback , on 2015-07-18  15:44:35

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.