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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • best purchase of 2014

    Year 1 with LifeLock has been worry free. There are so many other things in my daily life to be concerned and mindful of, but knowing I have LifeLock in my corner , and on my side, I am relieved and confidant that my name and information are secure. Read more »

    By Scott Fishback , on 2015-07-18  15:44:35

  • Personal review

    In the previous five years locals have smeared my name and damaged my reputation beyond any recognition after a bank teller lifted my personal information from a state ID card and passed this along to forces outside the bank, ie a computer hacker. My... Read more »

    By W Schmidt , on 2015-07-07  19:43:06

  • About Lifelock

    Really keeps you updated with all your transactions. Prompt, efficient. Always available if you need them. Read more »

    By Deledition , on 2015-06-11  10:27:14

  • Alert review

    I am somwhat frustrated by the alert system. Every alert is double posted and I am alerted twice for the same transaction. I have discussed this with Lifelock associates when I have called in for assistance. I get the standard answer "HMMM I will ... Read more »

    By Michael Ercole , on 2015-06-07  16:28:22


    I'm still trying to get my accounts registered and having difficulties Read more »

    By Michael G Fader Jr , on 2015-06-03  19:17:07

  • Good service.

    I called Lifelock to confirmn that I had no outstanding alerts to respond to. The representative who helped me was professional,patient and responsive. Read more »

    By Palma Gemelli , on 2015-05-20  02:26:37

  • ****

    **** Read more »

    By carol reich , on 2015-05-18  21:53:51

  • Peace of Mind

    I have known too many people that have had trouble with identity theft... I think this sort of protection is needed these days Read more »

    By Ren , on 2015-05-18  02:03:37

  • Don't a great review to share with.

    Don't a great review to share with, I just like there service and the feeling being protected . Read more »

    By Robert Hanson , on 2015-05-17  04:11:34

  • login

    cannot login from Read more »

    By Jack Rotan , on 2015-05-16  15:09:10

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.