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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Timely Response

    I queried LifeLock about a couple of account matters. They responded by the very next day. Easy to contact either by email or by phone. Read more »

    By JimK , on 2014-10-25  18:05:22

  • Survey

    Survey Read more »

    By Ira Meadows , on 2014-10-25  17:48:06

  • Service

    I enjoy all the services that lifelock provides and I feel my identity is safe and secure. No worries!!! Read more »

    By Donald Pierre Canel , on 2014-10-25  17:46:46

  • Great Protection

    LifeLock has been providing me great protection for over 3 years now, I receive timely notifications on any account activity. They also provide notifications on when sex offenders move close to my neighborhood. Read more »

    By Shawn , on 2014-10-25  17:37:22

  • mother

    I just want my credit score or my identity messed with. Read more »

    By shaneda , on 2014-10-25  16:56:19

  • LifeLock Review

    So far, so good. Been a member for only a couple of weeks. The next question only allows 1 yr. as the shortest length of time to be a member. Read more »

    By Darla , on 2014-10-25  16:27:13

  • Very Satisfied

    On Oct 2,2014 I received a mobile alert. There had been a request for credit information for me that I was unaware of. I called Lifelock and the alert specialist contacted the requesting bank and I talked to their rep. The problem was resolved. I wa... Read more »

    By Noble W. , on 2014-10-25  15:08:30

  • answering calls

    i was given a "special" # 2 call bcause i am ll ultimate plus member. first time i called i held 21 min., just 2 b disconnected when they finally answered! I called back 2 b put on hold another 19 min.!!! everytime i have called,no matter what # i use... Read more »

    By laura blackmon , on 2014-10-25  14:43:04

  • 100% Faith in Lifelock

    I feel peace of mind knowing that my identity is being protected and scrutinized regularly to ensure that everything is secure. Identity theft is so rampant in this country from income tax fraud right down to your bank account and personal informatio... Read more »

    By Donna L Sanford , on 2014-10-25  13:36:33

  • Comforting

    With all the credit card hacking and bank security leaks it sure is comforting top know someone is watching over my accounts. Read more »

    By Paul C. , on 2014-10-25  13:35:23

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.