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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • Lifelock survey

    I am very pleased with the alerts I receive and confidant I am being protected at all times. Read more »

    By Victoria Stirling, on 2014-10-06  14:41:48

  • Lifelock Ultimate

    I still do not the difference in Fico scores that you use compared to Experian and Equifax. The Bank that I am dealing with will never use your score but the higher from the other two Credit reporting services. Read more »

    By Donna Burch, on 2014-10-06  13:04:52

  • Good product

    The only things lacking are inability to enter my CareCredit account and the 1 million dollar guarantee is not available in NY. Read more »

    By Robert C Yuknavech, on 2014-10-06  12:40:12

  • Credit/loan Inquiries

    I really appreciate the verification of my identity with purchases and loans Read more »

    By Michelle Allen, on 2014-10-06  01:07:58

  • Glad I have them

    I have had a positive experience with Lifelock. great with credit rating, sex offender alerts and customer service. Also fraud alerts. Read more »

    By Elaine Price, on 2014-10-05  23:43:22

  • Promotion Not honored

    I became a member based on a recommendation from my financial adviser and having received a promotion UNITED62. Everything was handled well except the agent denied that the promotion existed although the letter was signed by your president. I was ad... Read more »

    By Promo Problem, on 2014-10-05  23:24:18

  • Did not Understand my question? Asking about "Black Market Website".

    In my t e-mail I asked "I was looking at my account and was reading something and saw the name "Black Market Website". Can you please send me a link so I can read more about this service and perhaps sign-up for it? I will give LifeLock credit for... Read more »

    By Dr. J. S. Barron, on 2014-10-05  22:35:40

  • false verizon account

    Was quickly contacted by Lifelock in multiple ways to verify if I had opened a new account. I responded that I had not opened a new account with verizon and they followed up and informed via phone and email. Read more »

    By John G, on 2014-10-05  19:43:07

  • life saver

    Great peace of mind Read more »

    By david giese, on 2014-10-05  19:19:28

  • Caught in time

    Lifelock caught a bogus credit app. I called, and Lifelock helped contact the bank and heled me resolve the issue. Well done Lifelock! Read more »

    By Ralph, on 2014-10-05  18:27:39

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.