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We search over a trillion data points every day looking for potential threats. LifeLock can proactively monitor credit applications, file sharing and a wide spectrum of other networks that have your personal information.

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  • LifeLock Command Center

    I have been very pleased with the monitoring service and alerts to transactions that fortunately have been my transactions that have occurred. I will be looking to see what advantages there are over my plan with one of the upgrades. Read more »

    By John McCormick , on 2014-10-23  00:43:25

  • LifeLock Services are so far so good!

    I have been using LifeLock for some time now, but I love the service and it seems to be proving itself and also to be worth every penny. I get all of the alerts and phone calls when there is suspicious activity or someone has submitted applications wi... Read more »

    By Sasha Cortijo , on 2014-10-23  00:32:57

  • Excellent

    Someone got my SS# and has been trying to open cell phone accounts in my name and LifeLock has alerted me rapidly and we've together averted disaster! Read more »

    By Terry , on 2014-10-22  23:44:15

  • it's a very good product I love the features.

    Having LifeLock is the best thing that could have happen to me. I'm a victim of identity theft and LifeLock was there for me. There were accounts being open in my name without my knowledge and LifeLock informed me of this situation. By contacting m... Read more »

    By Myra Watson , on 2014-10-22  23:29:34

  • Do not understand ....

    I had been expected more surveillance in the case of my online application for a new credit card. Read more »

    By Antoinette-M. Sixt Ruth , on 2014-10-22  23:26:04

  • Fast resolution

    Got a fraud alert, someone trying to set up an account in my name. LifeLock was on it and made the necessary calls to stop the charges. Read more »

    By RoadWriter777 , on 2014-10-22  23:11:58

  • identity theft.fraud

    Identity theft ..fraud Read more »

    By Annette , on 2014-10-22  23:06:49

  • It's Insurance

    I'm not really sure why I huse LifeLock except that it feels like insurance. I had two credit cards stolen and wouldn't have found out about it unless American Express called me and said there was some suspicious activity on my cars and that they had... Read more »

    By meskomanor , on 2014-10-22  22:26:06

  • N/A

    I am very satisfied with your service.......... Read more »

    By G.D. Farrell Sr. , on 2014-10-22  21:08:42

  • Proven Value!

    Great early notice of Identity theft and arranging to facilitate communicate with the lender that was also taken advantage of. They are helpful in identifying the steps that you need to take. Read more »

    By Robert N. , on 2014-10-22  20:36:33

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† LifeLock does not monitor all transactions at all businesses.