Are You Feeling #DataInsecurity? You’re Not Alone

A longstanding nonprofit group is turning to hashtag activism to pressure lawmakers to pass tighter laws governing data breaches and software security.

The #DataInsecurity Project was launched by the 115-year old National Consumers League this summer to draw attention to "woefully inadequate" consumer protection, reported SC Magazine.

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The group pointed to businesses, governments and nonprofits that are asking consumers for more and more personal information, like e-mail addresses and more, the magazine reported.

The campaign follows release of the group's latest report, "The Consumer Data Insecurity Report: Examining the Data Breach—Identify Fraud Paradign in Four Major Metropolitan Markets," based on work from Javelin Strategy and Research.

Findings showed that 1/3 of data fraud victims take no action to follow up on the breach. Findings also showed that victims blame businesses and banks for data breaches. Seventy percent expect the government to make sure businesses adhere to tight data security standards. However, that same percentage also saw current rules as "generally insufficient," the magazine reported.

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