Accused Identity Thieves Caught on Big Shopping Sprees

Not all identity theft is in the form of sophisticated data breaches perpetrated by foreign governments or criminal syndicates. Here are several cases of alleged identity thieves who hit one or two victims to fuel their shopping sprees.

Man Accused of Racking Up Charges in Landlord's Name

A Tennessee man allegedly stole his landlord's identity and charged a $100,000 shopping spree in his name, the News Courier reports.

Authorities say Ted Alan White obtained his landlord's personal information and used it to open an American Express account he used over 22 days to buy limousine rides, meals, jewelry and electronics. The victim discovered the theft when a collection agency began calling him.

White awaits trial for identity theft and related charges.

Woman Allegedly Stole Credit Cards 

Two trucking companies reported credit card information stolen from the Arizona-Utah Department of Transportation port, according to St. George News.

Krisan Moss is accused of making purchases with two different trucking companies' stolen credit card information. Charges at a nail salon,, and alerted the companies to the alleged fraud.

Moss was found guilty in 2007 of attempting to fraudulently obtain unemployment insurance and found guilty in March 2012 of identity fraud and providing false information with intent to deceive a public servant. She also faced additional identity theft charges in 2012 and 2013 that were later dismissed.

South Dakota Woman Accused of Stolen ID Shopping Spree

A South Dakota woman is accused of stealing debit cards and using them for a shopping spree, the Daily Republic reports.

Angeline Jamie Jesse Dolen-Einerwold faces six counts of felony identity theft. Police say she spent about $360 before arrest. The victim told police her money and cards were stolen at a fundraiser.

Officers arrested Dolen-Einerwold after tracing a fraudulent transaction and seeing her on surveillance video using one of the stolen cards.

Police Seek ID Thief Caught on Video

Florida police are trying to identify a woman caught on video using stolen credit cards, according to the News Press.

Officials say the victim didn't realize his cards had been stolen from his vehicle until alerted by his one of his credit card companies.

Surveillance video captured a woman using one of the victim's stolen cards to purchase more than $1,000 in electronics from a Target store. Police have been looking for the suspect for six months.

Man Sought After Fraudulent Purchases

Police are looking for a California man who made purchases at a Kohl's in Bakersfield with a credit card they say was stolen, according to ABC 23.

The suspect has not been found and the Bakersfield Police Department is asking the community for help in identifying a man from store video.

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