Identity Theft Rings Run Rampant Nationwide

Identity theft is a big business for criminals. Recently authorities have arrested those they say have been involved in identity theft rings both big and small. From elaborate tax fraud schemes worth millions of dollars to a fake ID ring operating near a university, here are some alleged identity theft rings caught by the police.

Michigan Woman Guilty in $12M Fraud Ring

A Michigan woman pleaded guilty to her role in a $12 million tax fraud and identity theft ring, reports.

Authorities say the ring Rosa Marmol was a part of stole the identities of Puerto Rican citizens and used them to claim false tax refunds. From 2007 to 2012, the ring filed about $65 million in fraudulent claims and collected about $12 million.

Marmol used bank accounts for her family's business to cash checks. Investigators were able to pinpoint the illegal activity by figuring out that a small number of IP addresses were responsible for thousands of returns filed electronically using the identities of Puerto Rican citizens.

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Alleged California ID Theft Ring Arrested

Fresno-area police arrested four suspects for their alleged role in an identity theft ring, according to ABC 30.

Melissa Gonzalez, Sylvia Gonzalez, Anthony Ochoa and Cathy Estrada are accused of stealing Social Security numbers, IDs and passports to trade with other identity thieves.

As authorities review evidence, they expect to arrest more suspects in the ring.

Fraud Ring Indicted After a Decade of Crimes

A federal grand jury indicted seven for their alleged roles in an identity theft ring that tried to steal more than $1.27 million through counterfeit checks and false tax returns, reports.

Prosecutors say Christopher Lindsey was the ring leader and employed six others to commit the theft and fraud. The counterfeit check fraud losses reached almost $1 million, and the ring sought nearly $270,000 in fraudulent tax returns.

If convicted Lindsey faces up to 30 years in prison on the bank and wire fraud charges, up to 15 years on the tax fraud charges and a mandatory minimum sentence of two years each on the identity theft charges.

Man Jailed for Selling 25,000 Fake IDs

A New Jersey man was sentenced to 60 days in jail and four months of home monitoring for his part in a fake-identity ring that sold 25,000 fake IDs near the University of Virginia campus, according to NBC Washington.

Michael DelRio pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit identification document fraud. Three of his co-defendants previously pleaded guilty to the same charge and aggravated identity theft. Authorities say DelRio was paid $15,000 for working on the fake ID business.

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