Identity Theft Victim? Start Here

You just realized you are a victim of identity theft. Now you're not sure where to start in notifying credit agencies, banks, credit card companies and more. Check out our list below of links to letters from the Federal Trade Commission that will help get you started. They did the wording. You fill in the details.

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— Do you need to dispute charges that you didn't make to your cards or accounts? This sample letter will help you get the word out to banks, credit card companies and others.

— If your credit report shows a fraudulent new account opened in your name, this sample letter will help you report the account to the company and close it.

— If you spot errors on your credit report, this letter will help you ask credit reporting companies to remove the problems.

This letter will help you ask businesses to stop reporting fraudulent information on existing, legitimate accounts — like charges you didn't make — to credit reporting companies.

This letter will help you ask businesses to stop reporting new accounts that were fraudulently opened in your name to credit reporting companies.

— If businesses have already reported fraudulent information to credit reporting companies, use this letter to ask those companies to remove it.

— Curious about the documents a thief used to steal your identity? Use this letter to ask for copies.

— If debt collectors are hassling you to pay for charges in your name that you didn't make, this letter will help you ask them to stop.

Most of these letters require you to include a copy of your identity theft report. Some also ask that you include your credit report and a copy of the account statement showing the items in dispute.

Good luck!

Editorial Disclosure:
This article is designed to educate readers. That means that while LifeLock, which sells identity theft protection services, produced the article, the point is NOT to encourage you to buy LifeLock's products. The point is to inform and educate so that you are empowered to make sound decisions, whether you buy from us, a competitor, or not at all.

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