Johns Hopkins University Latest Breach Victim

A person claiming to be part of a group known as Anonymous stole personal information about 850 current and former Johns Hopkins University students and posted it online last week, according to The Baltimore Sun.

The university server that was breached stored names, emails and phone numbers. It did not contain Social Security or credit card numbers, or other personal data, university spokesman Dennis O'Shea told The Sun.

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Johns Hopkins is the latest university to face a breach. In February, the names, addresses and Social Security numbers were exposed for 146,000 students and recent graduates at Indiana University.  A week prior to that, the University of Maryland announced that a database was hacked which contained names, birth dates and Social Security numbers of 300,000 students, faculty and staff who had been issued a school ID since 1998.

Universities have been a target for hackers in recent years. Among industries experiencing multiple breaches from 2006-2013, universities had the most — experiencing 565 repeat incidents in 2013.

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