JPMorgan Chase Says 76 Million Households Hit by Breach

JPMorgan Chase & Co. revealed today that its recent data breach exposed contact information for 76 million households and 7 million small businesses.

The names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses were exposed for customers who used the and JPMorganOnline websites and the Chase and J.P. Morgan mobile applications, according to the company's filing with the Security and Exchange Commission.

"However, there is no evidence that account information for such affected customers – account numbers, passwords, user IDs, dates of birth or Social Security numbers – was compromised during this attack," Thursday's filing noted.

"Hackers were able to burrow deep into JPMorgan’s computer systems, accessing the accounts of more than 90 servers — a breach that underscores just how vulnerable the global financial system is to cybercrime.

Until now, most of the largest cyberattacks on corporations have been confined to retailers like Target and Home Depot," wrote The New York Times. For more information about the cyber attack, click here.

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