Man Who Hacked Paris Hilton Charged with Breaking Into Police Servers

The U.S. Department of Justice has charged a Massachusetts man known for hacking Paris Hilton's cell phone with new crimes that include breaking into law enforcement servers.

Cameron Lacroix, 25, is a hacker based in New Bedford, Massachusetts, who has previously served time in prison for computer hacking, including a conviction when he was a juvenile for hacking into Paris Hilton's phone and posting her photos online, according to the Boston Business Journal.

Now, Lacroix faces new charges of computer intrusion and access device fraud.

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Between August and November of 2012, Lacroix allegedly hacked into law enforcement servers repeatedly, accessing intelligence reports, arrest warrants and sex offender information, according to the Justice Department.

He allegedly accessed a local Massachusetts police department's computer server and went through the chief of police's emails, court records show.

Between May 2011 and May 2013, Lacroix allegedly perpetuated a payment card scheme in which he obtained data for more than 14,000 account holders. He obtained the account holders' personal information, including names, addresses, dates of birth, email addresses, bank account and routing numbers and Social Security numbers, according to the Justice Department.

Lacroix also allegedly broke into the servers of Bristol Community College on multiple occasions to change grades for himself and other students, according to the Boston Business Journal.

Lacroix has a prolific record of hacking.

As a juvenile, Lacroix made bomb threats at two high schools and participated in a hacking attack on LexisNexis that revealed account information for 300,000 customers, according to a 2005 story in the Washington Post.

After serving an 11-month sentence as a juvenile for hacking, Lacroix was prohibited from owning or using a computer or cell phone or accessing the Internet for two years, according to the Washington Post.

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