Mickey Mouse Himself Is A Victim Of Identity Theft

Not even Mickey Mouse, the beloved Disney cartoon character, is safe from identity theft.

Police in Bellevue, Wash. broke up an identity theft ring in early July. Among the forged documents and ID cards, they found a fake driver's license for Mickey Mouse, according to KIRO-TV. The thieves apparently did their homework: Mickey's fake license listed his hometown as Anaheim, Calif, height as 5 feet 2 inches, and weight at 110 pounds. He was marked as an organ donor.

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Along with Mickey's fake ID, police found hundreds of forged checks; 67 additional fake IDs, drivers licenses and government identification cards; another 67 illegitimate credit cards; and seven fraudulent Social Security cards, according to KIRO-TV.

The television report said that thieves stole mail and broke into cars to gain the information needed to steal victims' identities. The ring was discovered after neighbors called police to report stolen road construction signs on the patio.

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