Moving? ID Theft Should Be The Last Thing on Your Mind

Summer is the most popular time of year to move to a new home — whether to a different house, apartment or dorm room. With so much on your mind, it's easy to let some details slide. Make sure to remember these tips below, and keep identity theft off your list of things to worry about!

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—Be careful as you pack and toss things you no longer need. Take time to shred those old documents and clean the hard drives of no-longer-needed electronics. Prevent those from becoming easy fodder for identity thieves, recommends this article in the Washington Post.

—Keep your sensitive documents — birth certificates, passports and old tax returns, among other things — in a locked safe that you carry with you to your new home, the Post recommends. Don't risk losing them among the other boxes in the moving truck.

—Change your address, the Post advises. Piled-up mail in your old mailbox is easy pickings for identity thieves. Forward mail at, and remember to contact your cell phone carrier, medical biller and others to make sure your new address is on file.

—Investigate moving companies before you hire them. Otherwise, your identity might not be the only thing that's stolen, according to the Post. Make sure any companies you hire are bonded and insured. Ask for references. Read what past customers have to say on Yelp or another review website.

—Phones, laptops, tablets and other electronic gadgets can easily be misplaced or stolen during a move. Make sure they all are locked with security passwords, and can be remotely wiped clean if they go missing, advises the Post.

—Keep an eye on your credit report. This is good advice whether you are moving or not. Make sure there are no accounts listed that you didn't open, or other activity you didn't authorize. Request your free copy each year at

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