Police: Accused Identity Thieves Acted Alone

We often think of identity theft as an elaborate high-tech operation run by an experienced gang of criminals. But often it's just one person using stolen information to line their own pockets. Here are some cases of accused lone identity thieves facing the consequences of their alleged scams.

Woman Faces 30 Years for ID Theft 

A 59-year-old Mississippi woman was arrested for allegedly stealing identities and forging prescriptions, WJTV News reports.

After a seven-month investigation, authorities say Sylvia Cook used stolen identities and fake IDs to go to multiple health care providers claiming illnesses, so she could get pain prescriptions and sell the medication.

Cook faces 30 years and $60,000 in fines if convicted.

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Man Allegedly Bought Social Security Number Online

Peter Fahcaro is charged with stealing a woman's Social Security number and using it to apply for new credit, KMOV reports.

Fahcaro was allegedly about to get a $3,500 loan using the victim's information and claims he was going to merge the victim's Social Security number with his to get a better credit score.

Authorities say Fahcaro bought the Social Security number online but have not determined the source.

If convicted, Fahcaro faces seven years in prison.

Chicago Man Arrested for Duplicating Credit Card 

A Chicago man was arrested for using fraudulent credit cards re-encoded with ID theft victims' banking information, according to Norridge-Harwood Heights News.

Police say Perry Anderson went to Game Stop and bought a Sony PlayStation for $436 using a duplicated card. The victim noticed the charges and contacted police, who were able to get an image of Anderson from store video footage.

Anderson was arrested at the courthouse, where he was already facing similar charges.

Washington Woman Gets 4 Years for Scamming Vets

An identity thief was sentenced to four years in prison for targeting two disabled veterans to obtain their federal benefits, according to the News Tribune.

Rebecca Bjorneby, 32, has pleaded guilty to taking more than $85,000 from the veterans. Authorities say she also targeted her grandmother and a former friend.

Bjorneby rerouted her victims' benefit payments to prepaid credit cards or set up fraudulent accounts in their names.

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